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Name: Bisento
Known As: Bis, Bomberman, Mr. Boom Boom
Guild: Exalt
Playstyle: Bomber


From the moment Bisento landed in the crash site in July he was instanly hooked. Slow to start, he bumbled through different swords and

armors until finally deciding that his destiny was to become a master of explosives. He soon met a knight named Soulvirus and joined

the guild Monstrosity, where he met many more friendly knights who helped him climb through the tiers of the Clockworks. It was with

them that he defeated the terrors that were the Jelly King and Vanaduke, as well as many more of the Clockworks fiendish denizens.

Time passed, he met many more knights and his bombing prowess became well known amongst the members of Mostrosity, but there

was a stirring in his heart that told him to move on. Bisento decided to leave Monstrosity and join his friend Zeeca in a guild called Exalt.

A number of Exalt's members already knew Bisento and his bombs well from past runs with Zeeca and their trips to the Jelly Palace and

Firestorm Citadel and welcomed him with open arms. From then on he spent many days doing runs helping those in need, expanding

his arsenal, and honing his bombing skill for any threats the future held. Since then he has defeated every Shadow Lair and their evil

leaders and dethroned the mad Warmaster Seerus. Now, he spends his days working to better himself and become known as a master

bomber, experimenting with other styles and strategies of combat, and helping represent Exalt as the awesome guild that it is. It was

with these merits that Bisento climbed the ranks of Exalt and earned his way to Guild Master.


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