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Joined: 4 Feb 2012
Guild: Sententia(dead)
Achievements: 60/60


Hi there. My real name is Nik. Some peoples thinks that I'm a girl. They wrong. I'm potato.

I started to play for some pretty fun reasons. I'm Sonic fan, and then I got Metal Sonic Suit, I think "What if I'll try to play this strange F2P game?..". I'm not really like MMORPG - sad experience with other games of that type. But then I started to play - I find out that I'm pretty imressed! I can't stop, this game is amazing! So I started to play, as almost F2P player, sometimes spending moneys on game) What I can say? It's game really great, so spend money on it is not so bad!

Personal Achievements

  • Reach Tier 3 access - <font= color=#348017>done</font>
  • Clear All Shadow Lairs - <font= color=#348017>done</font>
  • Obtain Snarbolax armor set - <font= color=#348017>done</font>
  • Obtain Ice Queen armor set - <font= color=#348017>done</font>
  • Obtain Arcane Salamander armor set - <font= color=#348017>done</font>
  • Unlock All Achievements - <font= color=#348017>done</font>
  • Meet all Game Masters - <font= color=#FF0000>3/15 done</font>
  • Successfully Solo Regular Bosses - <font= color=#FF0000>3/4 done</font>
  • Obtain True Love Locket - <font= color=#FF0000>IMPOSSIBRU</font>



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