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Snarkey <------------------------------

About me

In game name: Snarkey

I am a player on this game who isn't very known, but is friends with a lot of the most popular players on this game. I am very successful with merchanting here, selling 2-3-4-5* items with Very High/Maximum Variants, 1st generation Rose Regalia, and Recipes. I am currently in the guild Knightmare as an Officer. I was in 4 other guilds previous to Knightmare: Avolition (no I am not TeamAvo, I didnt even know what that was when I joined, lol), Guild, Reign of Chaos, and Unity. I was also a part of creating a guild with my friends called Genuine, which I am no longer a part of for other reasons not worth mentioning.


Beaten all 4 Shadow Lairs, Soloed all 5 bosses (Pumpkin King wasn't really a boss), Soloed Unknown Passage, 2*ed Vanaduke, Sold a single item for 80kce, Vog Cub Coat (Variant: Normal Maximum, Elemental Maximum, and Fire High). Pretty much been everywhere BUT the Beta, had everything in this game BUT Groundbreaker.

My Arsenal

Screenshots of my Outfits (Possibly others) || I copied Chris and Kennys-Knight, herp.

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