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Steam Vezix (Shnazaholic11)
Guild Echo of Silence

About Me

I consider myself to be calm, mature, and friendly. If you see me and want to talk, don't be afraid to. I enjoy conversation for the most part. But I do not accept any random friend requests. I try to keep my friends list exactly what it is, a list of players I socialize or play with. That doesn't mean I don't want to make any new friends of course. I'm always weary of playing with randoms as very few have been enjoyable to play with. So for the most part, anything that isn't Vana I usually solo when grinding. I just find it easier and more manageable when grinding alone than with other people, because either I'll go to fast or they will. I'm also not too keen on giving things away to total strangers.


I do not play PvP. Well, not right now at least. I am considering getting in to PvP since some of the coliseum rewards are fairly appealing and i don't really feel like paying for them through the AH. But as for now, It's something I have not done at all yet.


This is obviously the only thing I do in SK at the moment. So I pretty much don't restrict myself to any one single aspect of it. Snarb, JK, RT, Vana runs; Arcade runs top to bottom; OCH; Danger rooms; Replaying missions; Events; Shadow Lair runs; Super Hammer Fun Time; Perma-Death solo runs; All-Proto Vana solo, including weapons; and any other obscure challenge I have yet to think of.

In regards to SL runs, I usually charge 300 ce for each player. Best friends and guild-mates I let come for free.


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