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Playstyle Gravity Sword-Bomber
Guild The Risen
Tier Access 3

Brief History

Began playing with a few friends who introduced me to the game but it was rather slow up until I joined my first guild. At this point I decided to invest a little cash into the game and shot myself up into Tier 3 where things were more interesting. The guild was great, supportive, and allowed for fun runs through Firestorm but eventually it was removed because it's name was offensive or that's what my Guild Master said.

I was online at the time that members were being removed however so I created my current guild and invited everyone who had been removed. Since then organizing and forming my guild has been the most interesting part of the game but has also made runs much more enjoyable as I became a better player myself.

Now as I am basically an end game player my sights are set on making my guild well known and respected, along with finding the perfect UVs for my equipment.

PS. I do own shields but I don't like how any of them look on my character, so I took the picture without one.


Equipment-Divine Veil icon.png Divine Veil Increased Elemental Defense: Maximum! Equipment-Skolver Cap icon.png Skolver Cap Equipment-Charged Quicksilver Helm icon.png Charged Quicksilver Helm Equipment-Ancient Plate Helm icon.png Ancient Plate Helm
Equipment-Skolver Coat icon.png Skolver Coat Increased Shadow Defense: Maximum! Equipment-Ironmight Plate Mail icon.png Ironmight Plate Mail Increased Shadow Defense: Medium Equipment-Volcanic Plate Mail icon.png Volcanic Plate Mail Equipment-Ancient Plate Mail icon.png Ancient Plate Mail
Equipment-Dread Skelly Shield icon.png Dread Skelly Shield Increased Elemental Defense: High Equipment-Barbarous Thorn Shield icon.png Barbarous Thorn Shield Equipment-Ancient Plate Shield icon.png Ancient Plate Shield
Equipment-Acheron icon.png Acheron Damage Bonus vs Gremlin: High Equipment-Glacius icon.png Glacius Charge Time Reduction: High Equipment-Fang of Vog icon.png Fang of Vog
Equipment-Argent Peacemaker icon.png Argent Peacemaker
Equipment-Graviton Vortex icon.png Graviton Vortex Damage Bonus vs Gremlin: High

Playstyle and Etc

My playstyle revolves heavily around my Graviton Vortex. If there are more than 3 enemies whom don't have fast ranged attacks and/or fast movement then I'll almost certainly be charging up the Vortex in an attempt to collect as many of the enemies as possible followed up by either an Acheron or Glacius charge attack.

Beyond that I'm a fairly cautious player. I tend to fall back if things get a little too cluttered in the main room though I like to push the limits (read: Summon as many monsters as I can) if I feel like my party is good enough, which they tend to be since I'm usually with my guild. The main reason for this is to force myself to get better at maneuvering in tight spaces. This is mainly because the Graviton Vortex forces me to be able to make my way in through the crowds of monsters with reduced movement speed in order to get the most monsters in the vortex.

This playstyle leads me to be a team player for the most part though since the Vortex just gets so much better if other players contribute their charge attacks. I will almost always revive another party member as soon as I can unless I really feel like they are dragging down the party.

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