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Anger Has A Mangina

About Me

I'm California born and bred. 17 years old. Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football and Golf are the sports I play. I'm a pretty nice person (I like to think) but I'm also pretty weird. If you can't take a joke don't talk to me. I started playing Spiral Knights mid June 2011 after seeing SeaNanners on a live stream.


Upon starting SK I was introduced to the guild Cardinal Virtues. Gamegirl and Player-One were the GMs at the time. I gained a few close friends in this guild and together we defeated Vana, explored the clockworks, and chatted about life. Chepo, Icemagic, Kirbz and Chiulin were my four best friends. One day I logged in to see that I, along with all the members of CV, were kicked out of the guild for no apparent reason. I found Chepo and the rest and we met in the Haven Garden. We talked about what was going on and apparently Gamegirl had just decided to kick everyone out and start over. The ex members of CV joined together and we created the guild Quantum Mist. I was the founder. Unfortunately the guild did not last long at all. We only had about 20 members and the new recruits went inactive or left rather quickly. Sadly, my co GM, Chepo went inactive and I have not heard from him since. Chiulin and Icemagic both barely logged on as the turned to minecraft. I was the only active member of a 20 man guild. Eventually I began to wonder if my friends were ever going to become active again.

Sadly they did not and I began searching for a new guild. I looked for strong, big name guilds and narrowed my choices between Guild, The Jempire, and Knightmare. After about a week of asking around I contacted Emily and was added to Knightmare. It was sad leaving my old friends behind, but it was time to move on. Knightmare was a great guild. I met Tom-awsm, Timbalero, Kingbowser, Angerday, Iapples, Canozo, and Dswaggallday. My guild became my family and I was enlightened with secrets, tips and gossip about the SK world. I was glad I chose KM. Things went well for a long time, but then members started to leave and few even joined rival guilds. It was a hard time. KM was changing. Many members were becoming inactive and others had simply lost their flare. Talk about forming a new guild was rising.

On April 27, 2012 Emily led a select few members of KM, including myself to a new guild, Perfect Storm. Mass confusion arose as spectators watched us thinking we were KM 2.0. I as one of the founding members was given the title Veteran in PS (at least I think, they don't really respect me). We have about 32 active members and always have VERY interesting conversations.

My Guild's Page >>> Perfect Storm


I have completed all bosses with solely a proto sword.

I have defeated all Shadow Lair Bosses with one hand tied behind my back.

OCH was a walk in the park.


I recently started to play Lockdown as a recon in KM. I averaged 5k damage and began to really like the game. I stated to play as a recon wearing a Snarby Cap and Skolver Armor. Eventually I began to improve with tips from Timbalero. Now I average about 8 caps a game and anywhere between 7-12k damage. My favorite weapons for LD are the Final Flourish and the Polaris. More recently i gave up on having a secondary gun and switched to my BTB ASI Low (I don't have luck with rolling) and my trusty DA. I try to focus on winning more than my own personal stats. So instead of ignoring the flag points, I often will give up pursuing an enemy in order to cap an objective. Oh, and I don't use a mouse.....ever! xD

Here are some of my better games:





Important People

Keltec: My oldest friend in SK, he helped me get my bearings in clockworks and even crafted my first gun for me. He went inactive for a while but I was happy to see him return after a major update.

Chepo: Although he has been inactive since Quantum Mist, Chepo will always be a close friend of mine. His bombs helped me through SL Snarby and I will always cherish his advice.

Chiulin and Icemagic: We three were the best trio ever. We kicked Vana's @$$ and laughed all the way through it. For a while you two went inactive to play Minecraft and MW3 but i was glad to see you return. Through good times and bad we were always friends.

Emily: You suck....

Tom, Timba, Kingy, Anger: Thanks for all the laughs, advice and help in Sk. You have truly made KM and PS enjoyable.

Doctahwahwee: My best friend in all of SK. He is just like me, weird, fun and loving. Lately he has been inactive playing League of Legends, but I eagerly await his return.

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