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User Card
Name: Real-Misterio
Guild: <Reginkunnr Synir>
Rank: Vanguard
Prestige: Prestige Badge-45k-Ultramarine.png
Occupation: Guild Leader
Class: Sword
Skill: PvE
Status: Active

Icon-gear.png About

Real Misterio landed on Cradly day: [REDACTED], hour date: [REDACTED]. No Data is held from before about a knight named Real Misterio. He/she transmitted from the crash pod and used his Com Unit to ask for [REDACTED] knight.

After the confussion he/she slashed a few monsters and found the Rescue Camp, he/she did not look for it, but it was on his/her way. Shortly after entering, his/her sword was already worn out, then he/she discovered fire, the Hot Edge was for him/her but... not perfect.

Saxton Hale, owner of [REDACTED] gave him/her orders to slash a few robots, Real Misterio did not follow the orders he/she went right to adventure, over and over again, while other knights ran to Haven in a desesperated way to escape, Real Misterio took a long time to go to Haven, people say he/she was dumb, or testing himself. As he/she entered Haven, he/she refused to talk to anyone but Sir-Onox, who followed him/her on his/her adventures.

Data is lost from there. The Com Unit stopped working as the knight entered Haven. A diary was found at Arkus grave:

Entry# 1 : I have just scratched the surface of the clockworks, no monster is a match for me, except those devilites, they honor their name, those demons... I've heard rumors of a big beast monster around depth 8. I wonder if I can make a coat of his fur, and I wonder what [REDACTED] would think about that, I have to investigate more and save him.

Entry# 2: Sometimes I look down on the elevator when its going down, all I see is darkness, but not just normal darkness, it feels evil down there, I've heard about the Alpha Squad, poor of them, they were not ready for what was down there, their bravery was their own grave. I've not seen [REDACTED] since I landed on this hell, I've asked the commander, he didnt recognize my name, im not on the list for some reason,I couldnt ask him about [REDACTED].

Entry# 3: I've reached depth 8, that monster was no match for my sword, and with the help of Onox it was a piece of cake. I couldnt make a coat of his fur, he dissappeared right after dying, doesnt make anysense.

Entry# 4: The clockwork system looks similiar, maybe im just getting used to it, its fake sun, its fake night, I've looked at its inception micro-biomes, they are just... Amazing. Whoever made this, was probably more intelligent than anyone inside the Alondra, it doesnt make any sense, but it works perfectly like on the surface of any other planet.

Entry# 5: The only intelligent life in this metal madness are the Gremlins, I've asked some of them about this place, they prefered to die rather than talking, and thats very suspicious...

Entry# 6: I've upgraded my sword, with fire, nothing escapes from its power, even the elemental resistant burn, they all burn...

Entry# 7: My new abilities have allowed me to destroy Royal Jelly Palace and wreck the Gremlin plans to finnish the [REDACTED] Twins or Ironclaw [REDACTED] Factory. I've searched on the controls for information, they talk about someone called King [REDACTED], but the information is too short. Where the hell is [REDACTED]?

Entry# 8: I can smell fire, but it doesnt come from my sword, dead are rising from the graves and attacking other knights, that is not normal, this place is cursed I can feel it, but the Undead are weak, bones burn like flesh.

Entry# 9: I dont know how much time I've been outside, its like 2 weeks I dont take a peek on Haven, for some reason I feel I gotta do this, I can feel his presence, he was here, Arkus was here too, the smell of ashes is significant, and this whole place is burnt to the ground, like if someone wandered a big maze destroying this place, its full of undead, and they are resistant to my fire, its going to be so much fun...

Entry# 10: I've reached the end. It was harder than I thought, I feel sorry for that poor Almire, he is just trying to defend his people, even after death, over and over again, and his curse doesnt allow his poor soul to rest. But thats not all, I've found something down here, this place is lost, locked, and seems deadly and powerful, I cant open it, there was a small module covered in dust for me to read, I recognized it, its [REDACTED] writting. He is inside that place, inside the Cursed place. In The Core.

Entry# 11: After my treasure hunt, I went upside, one depth at once, and... I found Arkus, he did not recognize me, he did not recognize anyone, he attacked me, he turned into one of these things, into a demon, I had to finnish him, rest in peace my friend, this place was not done for you, I've cut the Dark Matter from his back, apparently this mineral has negative effects on people, Im so sorry Arkus, you served well to the Spiral Knights, to [REDACTED] and me. I think this place will consume us all... I'm worried about [REDACTED], I dont want to finnish him too, I couldn't.

Entry# 12: Suddenly Half the Clockwork broke, I could see different elevators, chained up, with danger symbols up on their screens, what an idiot would not try it?

Entry# 13: What was that, What in the GOD SAKE WAS THAT THING, it had no sense at all, the entire clockwork down there was breaking, broken and shaking like it was going to explode, creatures that come from our deepest nightmares come out of the voidest darkness, these are strong, these dont burn, these dont feel pain. The entire thing feels evil, I couldn't even think straight down there, my comunications were gone, I could not see Onox anywhere so I ran to the elevator and eventually found him, we made it, but badly hurt. This thing doesnt have a name, and I have not seen any other knight talk about this place, its like living a nightmare... It only made me worry even more for [REDACTED], well I could finnaly make an Coat with the fur of the Beast Monster, but this time was different, all the new monsters were different from the last times, it was hard. I dont want to spend much time down there again, I gotta rescue [REDACTED]. I have to open the Core... and I need some help to that.

Entry# 14: I've slashed thousands of gremlins with the help of Sir-Onox, I was there for a response and I only found doom, this crazy gremlin, Seerus, he did not know anything and attemped to kill me, so I have his mask now, but before escaping my edge he whispered "Herex... you traitor". I will search for more clues about this other gremlin

Entry# 15: I've explored a rare depth, it dit not sound familiar, it was full of new creatures I've never seen, Jellys made of fire and poison? What are the gremlins up to? destroy themshelves? All these consoles have the name Herex written on it, this mechanic, bio-mechanic, whatever he is, this mad doctor created the Toxoils, controls them. I gotta find this mad genius and ask him a few questions...

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