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Scrappert is just some random gamer who happens to play this game obseesively. He's also an artist in the making.

Blah Blah Blah

Joined in April '11
Hippie Drum Circle (Guild)

Scrappert(also known as Scrappy Biggles) began to play Spiral Knights when it was first released. Someone, from the forum he goes to, showed everyone there this hot new game everybody's buzzing about these days, and they all agreed to start playing it, at least for a while anyways. Unfortunately, Scrappert couldn't begin playing immediately with everyone else because of ISSUES(school, chores, etc.) and was a little late to the party, starting about 2 days after the forum goers did. Although disappointed that the name Scrappy was already taken, he immediately loved the game, despite how much grinding was involved to progress, and soon after joined the Hippie Drum Circle, which is the guild that was initially exclusive for the forum goers.

Unlike some of the other members, he picked gear that would go all the way to 5-star. After much lurking in the wiki, he decided to choose the Calibur as his first sword. This was mostly because he saw how the attack power bar was practically at maximum(although he later learned how "Two in Harmony Surpasses One in Perfection" with his next sword). Despite that, the Leviathan Blade would later be one of his most prized possessions, namely for its(what he believes) incredible charge attack. As for the rest of his gear, he chose the Wolver Set because of how much he loves dogs, and picked the Plate Shield for no particular reason. He never replaced his Proto Gun until some time after he gained Tier 3 access.

After a few weeks playing, unfortunately, a number of members decided to call it quits with the game and left. Scrappert kept charging on, being insanely lucky with selling stuff for crowns. As a result, he managed to be the first guild member to reach Tier 3. Not long after though, a lot more members reached Tier 3 as well. His first completed loadout included the Leviathan Blade, Volcanic Plate Shield, Vog Cub Cap, Vog Cub Coat, and Valiance(which he sold to capitalism). Everything was fine and dandy, until the much dreaded update of all time(?)

Endgame Shenanigans

So what happens when you, in theory, finish playing a game you like? You play it some more. At least that's what Scrappert did(and still is doing). So even though he LOVES his Leviathan Blade, he decided to get an elemental sword. Seeing that the Brandish line was probably the best way to go, Scrappert did so. He contemplated between the Fireburst Brandish and Iceburst Brandish lines for a bit, until he decided that the freeze bonus of the Iceburst line would suit him well, being one that likes to charge a lot when attacking, and freeze on enemies letting him do so safely. He loved it. To this day, Glacius is his favorite sword-No, WEAPON in the game. His other sword is the Gran Faust, which Scrappert made for the hell of it, ended up liking it enough to keep it in his loadout. Scrappert has a truckload of other stuff at this point, and it'd be boring to keep listing them all.

He didn't quite get to beat Vanaduke for a while, but when he finally did, it was actually the first time a party of guildies managed to do it, making it a notable feat. Unforunately, it costed him(and mostly Anly) SO MUCH CE due to revives(sorry Anly :[ ). Recently he's amassed gear that is preferable to fight the duke, along with his guildies, making the fight much smoother and enjoyable. Namely THIS run.

Bah, Humbug

Nothing much else to say about Scrappert, he mostly idles around and occasionally fights Vanaduke for fun, goes on random runs, gets pointless gear he doesn't need, randomly promoted to Guild Master for being such an addict(not really, he asked to be an Officer and got GM instead), all that jazz. To this day, he hasn't spent a CENT on CE. It's possible folks, you CAN get through this game without doing so. Everyone in our guild has!

Weapons, Armor, All That Jazz
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