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                                        "Yukkuri shite ite ne!"

Ohai. Call me Sick.

User Pic Sick.png

Hiya. Thanks for visiting my page. I hope you like purple. (^^;

I've been around for awhile..well longer than most players. So feel free to ask me any questions about the game and I'll try my best to answer them.

Well school is officially in full circle so I won't be on much anymore. I am on Steam (SicknastyHI) for the most part though, so you can usually catch me there.

Guild - Finesse

FSC, PvP, AH. We use Steam chat!


Hear it. Play it. Love it.

"What the hell is Touhou?"

Scarlet Gensokyo (Guild), thnxfrthmmries..

Icon-arsenal.png Tasty Palettes

General T1/T2

Royal Jelly Palace (D14-17)

General T3

Firestorm Citadel (D24-D28)

Just for fun: Gunslinger

For those trigger-happy nights...

Dem Bombs

My favorite set.


Everyone loves videos. Here's my Youtube channel.

Touhou replays are up too, find them on my channel.

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