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Joined: Begining of may 2011.
Armor Set: Vog,Valkyrie,Skolver,Chaos
Guild: Reign of Chaos
Rank/Affiliation: Guild master

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About Me

My real name is Ricardo, i'm 20 yo and i'm from Portugal. I'm studying Software engeneering (i'm in the 3rd year) and i play guitar in my free time. Here's my guitar youtube channel in case you're interested. I've been playing this game for a while and have approx. 68 days gameplay as of today (15th March 2012). I have some videos on youtube if you want to check it here. I formed the guild Reign of Chaos which, being as modest as possible, is one of the best in the game. We placed 1st place in the first week of Lockdown with 180k+ points (woot), thanks to my awesome guild. TBH, my guild is what makes me come back to the game time and time again. (D'AWWWW HE LOVES US ♥)

Our guild's score right before the first reset of the Lockdown scores.

Icon-sword.png Weapons


  • Equipment-Sudaruska icon.png Sudaruska Bonus damage vs. Undead: Very High

And some others i can't remember at the time.


  • Equipment-Polaris icon.png Polaris Damage bonus vs. Undead: Low

And others...

Icon-armor.png Armor

Normal Armor

Costume Armor



and 2 of each of the 5* ones you can buy at the token trader.

Icon-accessory.png Accessories




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