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Tornone ★★★★☆
"Did you talk about the dangalang?"
  • Tornone
Favorite Pony
  • Fluttershy


Spiral Knights

I started Started playing Spiral Knights with a few of my friends after they mentioned it was a free-to-play game on Steam. I tried it out at first and wasn't thrilled, but slowly go into it after I played for a little bit. I quickly surpassed the friends that a regularly played, and now have been helping them to get further in the game.

Recently, I joined the Knights Of Equestria (Guild) guild, and have really started to learn a lot about the game. From my experiences with them, and the the runs I've done, my overall skill level has significantly increased. My goal is to finish up my four star gear so I can go on to take on Lord Vanaduke soon with the guild.

Star Ponies

I am the founder and current leader of the Star Ponies community. It is based around the integration of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM) fans (bronies) and Star Wars fanatics. The group was formed on the base of the MLP Friendship is Magic Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) guild. We currently operate off the SWTOR forums, our forums, and the Star Ponies Steam group.

Brony Contributions

Alias: TopbRony1

My major additions to expand the brony community are the fore-mentioned Star Ponies community, the MLP Friendship is Magic SWTOR guild, and a short essay about MLP: FiM that I had to read aloud to my classmates. You can find the Youtube video, along with a copy of the essay in the description,here. My friend also recently asked to interview me for a sociology paper on the mantra of 'Love and Tolerate'. You can see me get quoted here.


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