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The Arcade is the district of Haven from which players can launch their explorations into the Clockworks, or contribute to the creation of new strata in upcoming gates. It is also the location of the Krogmo Alchemy Machine.


In the Arcade, players can identify the current strata themes of a gate via the gate totems.

The Arcade allows access to the Clockworks via various gates along the north edge of the Arcade, overlooking the Clockworks.

On the west side of the Arcade is the trader Sullivan along with the Krogmo Alchemy Machine. Here, Krogmo coins can be traded for items and recipes. Lieutenant Feron stands across from him, surrounded by monitoring consoles, an escape pod and a regular Alchemy Machine; to the east is Chief Geo Knight Wegner (who will dispense advice on minerals and gate construction with zeal when prompted).

Obvious exits are North, South and South-West.


Gates act as entry points into the Clockworks. Although certain Boss levels are consistent within the gate they are assigned to, gates vary in their strata themes, levels per depth, and level rotation time, so that taking the same path through a single gate is not always likely. The gates themselves rotate like the rest of the Clockworks and are shifted along every two days (as there are four active gate slots, each gate remains accessible for eight days).

Minerals can be deposited into dormant gates.

There are eight gates in total within the Arcade; four gates are active and grant access to Tiers 1 through 3 (also available via the mission interface). These four active gates are located in the upper left or north-west corner of the Arcade, while the dormant gates are located to the north-east.

After having used the active gates for their fill of adventuring, Knights can return to the dormant gates to contribute minerals to the strata under construction and collect crowns for their efforts. The minerals deposited into these gates determine the theme of each stratum according to certain combinations.




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