Fiend Mask

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Fiend Mask
Venom Fiend Mask-Equipped.png
Accessory Positions:

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The Fiend Mask is a costume.


Variable per item. See list below.


The naming convention for this type of item is inconsistent compared to most other items in the game. The list below has full names to help identify these similar costumes. These names link to a relevant category.

It is similar to the Dread Skelly Mask, a helmet with combat statistics. It has built-in horns similar to the Devious Horns accessory, though much larger and with a filmy appearance. These do not block the helmet top accessory slot.

Prismatic Aspect(s): a thick stripe along the back.

It constantly sheds a thick mist, an effect similar to certain auras.


This gallery contains several different examples of the same type of item.

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Abbr. Name Visual Set Visual Acquisition Notes
Venom Fiend Mask
Equipment-Venom Fiend Mask icon.png
Venom Fiend
Venom Fiend Mask Venom Fiend Mask in its set Usable-Vile Prize Box icon.png Vile Prize Box Description: A mask said to be crafted in the visage of a venomous fiend. It is infused with a vile essence that is sure to frighten your foes.

This costume has a built-in effect similar to the Venomous Aura.

Initial release:
12 November 2014
Magmatic Fanatic Mask
Equipment-Magmatic Fanatic Mask icon.png
Magmatic Fanatic
Magmatic Fanatic Mask Magmatic Fanatic Mask in its set Usable-Blazing Prize Box icon.png Blazing Prize Box Description: A mask said to have been worn by fanatics that worshiped a magma god. Its fires will light the path to victory.

This costume has a built-in aura-like effect.

Initial release:
22 July 2015

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