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This page includes sources of news and various post contents.



  • Every time the player logs into a knight, there will be a popup with information on current events if there are any going on. Otherwise this popup is just general advertising for the game.
  • Usually accounts will receive a Mail that talks about Patch Notes and other recent things. The player's knight will have a Mail symbol on the Log In screen (this doesn't always mean news - friends could have sent a message, or it might be about something from the Auction House).
  • Read the region chat. Player gossip in the Town Square of Haven is a great source of rumors about recent changes, anecdotes, and other players who might be wondering about things.
Sometimes Game Masters will talk about the game in the region chat. Their chat text is colored lavender-purple. This is not always news, but hints tend to be dropped. Sometimes they will pose in the most recent Prize Box costumes.
  • Server reboots will be announced in game-wide chat. This text is pink, and it will usually say why the server is being rebooted - maintenance, update, etc.

The topic of this article or section is subject to personal opinion, and does not represent any one absolute truth. If you disagree, discuss your concerns on the the talk page before editing. Prepare yourself:

  • Be part of the new stuff. If the Test Server is open, and you qualify, participate in the testing and give feedback on the provided relevant forum thread. Get an idea of what's coming before it gets here.
  • As a general last resort, don't be afraid to ask support for help - if you hear someone telling you about a weird new thing, but can't find any information on it anywhere after doing a thorough search, that might be something called a "scam" and support will clear up your doubts.


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