Lost Soul (Apocrean Item Trader)

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Lost Soul (Apocrean Item Trader)
Lost Soul (Apocrean Item Trader)-Mugshot.png
NPC: Lost Soul
  • Vendor: Apocrean Item Trader
Primary Location(s):

Lost Soul (Apocrean Item Trader) is an NPC.


A translucent orb with unblinking, blank eyes. It constantly bobs up and down while maintaining its gaze. Small bubbles frequently appear and disappear around the main body.


This character was introduced with release 2013-10-23 during the first Shroud of the Apocrea and has been seen every Shroud since.

Indicated on the minimap by the Token icon.

This lost soul can be found in the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: Shroud of the Apocrea in both the The Obsidian Nexus and Departure floors. Lost Soul (Apocrean Item Trader) can only be encountered during the Shroud of the Apocrea event.



Icon-alert.png: Certain items from this vendor bind upon purchase. Check the notes column for details.

Item Type Subtype Star Cost Notes
Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shard Material ★★★☆☆ 65 Token-Apocrean Sigil.png Apocrean Sigil Binds upon purchase.
Binding Essence Binding Essence Material ★★★★☆ 135 Token-Apocrean Sigil.png Apocrean Sigil Binds upon purchase.
Perplexing Element Perplexing Element Material ★★★★★ 270 Token-Apocrean Sigil.png Apocrean Sigil Binds upon purchase.
Grasping Aura Grasping Aura Accessory Armor Aura 10,000 Token-Apocrean Sigil.png Apocrean Sigil

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