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Used to update several costume recolor pages rapidly. Simply add the color style to the code of this template, instead of one at a time in every page. This reduces copy/paste spacing errors and allows editors to simply force-refresh the pages, upload desired images, and be done.


On Published Pages

See what links here for examples of this template in action.

The costume name. We have hunter scale mail, vile scale mail...use Scale Mail.
Used for Hunter costumes found in the first Usable-Hunter Prize Box icon.png Hunter Prize Box.
Used for Serene costumes found in Usable-Ancient Prize Box icon.png Ancient Prize Box
Used for Tech costumes found in Usable-WinterTech Prize Box icon.png WinterTech Prize Box
Used for Tech costumes found in Usable-CozyTech Prize Box icon.png CozyTech Prize Box
Used for Tawny costumes found in Usable-Running Wild Box icon.png Running Wild Box
Used for Tech costumes found in Usable-SummerTech Prize Box icon.png SummerTech Prize Box

For an overview of which costumes are found in which Prize Boxes, check the Differences table below.

This Template's Code

Edit this template to add or fix data in the display within the sibling templates. Simply copypaste a previous entry and fix it up with the new data. If there is a significant pattern change in the future (such as hunter, or if not all of these items were released in a new color), fix this template accordingly with a switch, and/or discuss it with editors on the talk page. See sibling template: Template:CostumeTable/doc for more parameter details.


Due to the pattern of releases, this template has not been merged with Template:AccessoryTable/Recolors. Not all costumes have been released in all "recolor" color patterns - this is the case with polar, for example. They could be merged with some chunky switches, if editors wish to do so in the future, but aside from template compression, there isn't a huge need to do so - it would require more specified inputs on individual pages, too.

It is generally a good idea to keep display templates for different item types separate - we don't have a uniform accessory and costume template table, even though the fields are currently so similar. This is because the game might update one item type, requiring a slightly different display, or editors may wish to include information such as slots or description in the table, which would not apply to accessories, and would require chunky switches in a uniform template and yet more specified inputs on individual pages. This is a different issue than within-template consistency data, which applies to templates such as DoRSource.

Costume Acquisition Tables

Main Table
Prize Box Costumes?
Solstice No
Nemesis No
Hunter Mixed
Hunter 2016 Yes
Surge Yes
Hallow Yes
Frosty Yes
Frosty Present No
Winterfest No
Winterfest Present No
Moorcroft No
Anniversary No
Stormy No
Forge No
Companion No
Gourmet No
Dangerous No
Trinket No
Obsidian No
Gobble No
Polar No
Decoration No
Rose Regalia No
Colossal No
Serene Mixed
Equinox No
Surprise No
Lovely Yes
Katastrophe Yes
Katastrophe Returns Yes
Splash No
Rage No
Slime No
Almire No
Gremlin No
Confection No
Construct No
Hazardous No
Vile Yes
Glacial Yes
Glacial 2016 No
Electric Yes
Spiralhorn No
Verdant Yes
Frenzy No
Dazed Yes
Plunge No
Extraordinary No
Wicked Yes
Wicked 2016 Yes
Prize Box Costumes?
Spritely No
Ruby Yes
Blazing Yes
Peridot Yes
Slumber Yes
Sapphire Yes
Autumn Yes
Opal Yes
Disguise No
Citrine Yes
Stranger No
Turquoise Yes
Cozy No
Garnet Yes
Spiraltail No
Amethyst Yes
Aquamarine Yes
Chess No
Guild Hall No
Volcanic Yes
Lucky No
Diamond Yes
Emerald Yes
Pearl Yes
Raiders No
Buccaneer No
Grey Yes
WinterTech Mixed
CozyTech Mixed
Tawny Mixed
Aerodynamic No
SummerTech Mixed
FlowerTech No
Late Harvest Yes
Crescent Helm Flak Jacket Fur Cap Fur Coat Hood Cloak Pith Helm Brigandine Plate Helm Plate Mail Round Helm Draped Armor Sallet Cuirass Scale Helm Scale Mail Tailed Helm Culet Winged Helm Raiment
Hunter No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Serene No No No No No No Special Yes No No No No Special Yes No No Special Yes No No
WinterTech Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No No No No No No No No No No
CozyTech No No No No Yes Yes No No No No No No No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Tawny No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
SummerTech No No No No No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No
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