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Companion Prize Box
Companion Prize Box
General Prize Pool:
Additional Prize Pool:
Very mixed in with the Prize Pool.

The Companion Prize Box is a prize box.


Contains various items for your sprite and a chance for rarities. Items are randomly chosen. No key is required to open. — Tooltip


During a special giveaway. One box was given each day to every player who logged in during the giveaway. More information in the calendar below.


"Each Companion Prize Box contains special sprite food for your new battle sprite, Sparks of Life, and a bonus chance for rarities! Items found inside Companion Prize Boxes are based on your knight rank. Companion Prize Boxes are delivered bound." - Forum Post

The star level of some of the prizes within depended on individual rank, not the sprite chosen by the player. Sparks of Life were always unboxed with random Sprite Food materials. Other rarities had a chance of being unboxed, in their own special additional prize pool.

Prize Pool


News Image Dates and Forum Duration Notes
1 News art for this occurrence.
8 August 2013

14 August 2013
07 days The box was acquired by logging in during a giveaway that celebrated the release of Battle Sprites.

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