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Forge Prize Box
Forge Prize Box
General Prize Pool:
Additional Prize Pool:
 Usable-Trinket Slot Upgrade.png

The Forge Prize Box is a prize box.


Contains valuable rarities and other assorted items. Items are randomly chosen. No key is required to open. — Tooltip


Randomly if the player chooses to Forge under 100% conditions (rare). Forum Research


The Additional Prize Pool probabilities do not dilute the main Prize Pool probabilities.

This box was introduced with release 2013-07-30.

Unboxed prizes are bound.

There are three different kinds of Forge Prize Box: "Glowing" (★★★☆☆), "Shining" (★★★★☆), and "Radiant" (★★★★★) - these correspond to the star level of the gear being forged. For example, you won't get a "Radiant Forge Prize Box" while forging a 3-star item like the Swiftstrike Buckler. Number and subtype of prizes will vary in star (or value) level as well.

Prize Pool

Fire Crystals: 25 - 75
Spark of Life: 3 - 15
Orbs of Alchemy: 1-3
Unique Variant Ticket: 1

Ongoing research on prize pool here.

Note: The slot upgrades are the standard 30-day variant.

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