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Trade allows knights to exchange unbound equipment, materials, recipes, trinkets, upgrades, crowns and energy with other knights. Equipment that has been bound cannot be traded. Other items that cannot be traded include tokens and minerals.

Using the Trade Interface

Request a trade with another knight.

To initiate a trade request:

  • Right click on the knight you wish to trade with and select trade from the menu.
  • When you are exploring a gate and cannot click on other knights, you can click on the knight in the party list in the upper left part of your screen and select trade from the menu.

If someone has ignored you, they will not see your trade requests.

Click to accept, reject or hide the trade.

The other knight will receive a popup notice, and can choose to accept the trade, reject it, or hide it. If the knight clicks to hide the trade, it can be reopened by clicking the Icon-notice.png notice icon at the top of the screen, or by right clicking on the knight and choosing trade from the menu.

While exploring a gate, the trade request will automatically be hidden and the other knight will need to use the Icon-notice.png notice icon

Note: Once the trade window is open, chat scrollback is inaccessible, so make a note of the trade agreement.

The trade window (top) and chat confirmation of the trade (bottom).

The trade window will open on the left side of the screen, and your arsenal will automatically open on the right. Simply click the item in the arsenal to move it to the trade screen. If the trade includes crowns or energy, type the number into the space next to the appropriate symbol. Regardless of how many items you click on, the trade window can only hold the first 15. Unlike materials and other items, recipes do not stack and each one will take up a separate slot. Once all of an item has been moved to the trade window, a 0 will appear on the item in your arsenal. Click on the item in the trade window to remove one from the trade.

To add or remove 10 of an item at a time, hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking on the item. If you do not have 10 of that item, then all of the pieces will be added/removed.

Please review the trade carefully. If you deem the trade terms acceptable, click Confirm. This will change the arrow between the trade windows white. If you have clicked Confirm and the other knight changes their items, it will automatically undo the Confirm on your side so you can review any changes. The button cannot be pressed for about three seconds after the other knight has made a change.

When both sides have clicked Confirm, the trade goes through. At any time, either knight may click the red x in the top right corner to cancel the trade.

Bound Items

Items which are bound to a knight cannot be traded. The description of a bound item will include the sentence "This item is bound to you." Items that have been equipped will bind to the knight who wear them, and equipment bought from Brinks for tokens is also bound to its owner. Materials bought from Brinks do not bind.

Other items that cannot be traded include tokens and minerals.

Common Abbreviations in Trading

Acronym Meaning
cr Crowns
CE Energy
WTB Willing/want/wish to buy
WTS Willing/want/wish to sell
WTT Willing/want/wish to trade
PST Please send tell
WTG Willing/want/wish to gift, alternatively Want to get
#:# (# are numbers) Trading with this ratio (ex. 1:1 = 1 item for 1 item)

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