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Grinchlin Assault! is an event-exclusive Prestige Mission.



Grinchlin Assault on the Mission Interface.



On behalf of Impostoclaus, Spiral HQ has located the base of operations of the nefarious Grinchlins. It's time to take the fight to them and end their Winterfest terrorism once and for all. But it won't be an easy task.

Those who accept the mission must climb Mount Krampus, a perilous trek filled with Grinchlin ambushes and icy deathtraps. Along the way you will find shelters that allow you to collect Grinchlin treasures and escape the mountain, or press on toward(sic) the summit for even greater rewards! Just be warned: Grinchlins and their allies are a stingy lot and will not drop ANY loot. All the treasures to be found on Mount Krampus are at the shelters. And should you pass on them for greater rewards ahead, you risk losing everything if you fail!

Some say on the very summit of Mount Krampus lies a stash of Grinchlin loot that may contain treasures none have ever seen before...


The Grinchlins have sabotaged Winterfest for the last time. Take the fight to them!







This mission is a Danger Mission first made available in the 2013 Winterfest Event.

Unlike most missions, the elevator animates going up instead of down when continuing the mission. This is because players are ascending Mount Krampus.

After every battle segment, the player has the option to loot treasure boxes and end the mission, or continue up the mountain for larger treasure caches. Every treasure cache cannot be looted in a single mission - the player must choose to loot or ascend, not both. At the summit is the largest cache, which can be looted before the final elevator back to Haven.

Components for the Grand Solstice Ring have a chance to be found in Treasure Boxes at the summit of this mission.

If a Darkfang Mender revives a Grinchlin Thwacker or a Grinchlin Scorcher, they will turn into a regular Darkfang Thwacker or a Darkfang Scorcher respectively.

Mount Krampus refers to Krampus, who punishes bad children at Christmas. Mount Krampus probably also alludes to Mount Crumpit from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinchlins and the Humbug Hat reward also allude to that work.


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Because this Danger Mission has a lot of different classes of monsters, there isn't a specific set that ensures you a good defense against everything. It would be a good idea to equip an elemental resistant helmet and armor. It is also recommended that you equip a shield like the Crest of Almire or the Grey Owlite Shield. Your weapons should deal elemental damage and shadow damage. Don't forget to have a status resistance against fire and freeze.

Battling to the summit mandates time and planning. The summit is not required for mission success. "Success" depends on accomplishing personal player goals:

If the goal is simply to collect materials for crafting gear while maintaining Spark of Life inventory, players can spam the lower levels without going to the summit, choosing to loot the earlier caches and repeat. This is a good option if your game tends to lag, as the condensed hazards in this mission can take heavy tolls on your knight's hp at any given moment. The only reason to go to the summit repeatedly is to search for Silver or Gold solstice rings, challenge yourself, or obtain a balance between material collecting efficiency and personal time spent playing.


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