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Grinchlin Assault!
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Base Camp



Grinchlin Assault is a Winterfest Mission, the recent as of 2013, but it is also a Danger Mission, and technically the fifth Danger Mission made in Spiral Knights.



Grinchlin Assault! is a Danger Mission first made available in the 2013 Winterfest Event.

Mission Briefing

On behalf of Impostaclaus, Spiral HQ has located the base of operations of the nefarious Grinchlins. It's time to take the fight to them and end their Winterfest terrorism once and for all. But it won't be an easy task.

Those who accept the mission must climb Mount Krampus, a perilous trek filled with Grinchlin ambushes and icy deathtraps. Along the way you will find shelters that allow you to collect Grinchlin treasures and escape the mountain, or press on toward(sic) the summit for even greater rewards! Just be warned : Grinchlins and their allies are a stingy lot and will not drop ANY loot. All the treasures to be found on Mount Krampus are at the shelters. And should you pass on them for greater rewards ahead, you risk losing everything if you fail!

Some say on the very summit of Mount Krampus lies a stash of Grinchlin loot that may contain treasures none have ever seen before...

Recommended Equipment

Because this Danger Mission has a lot different classes of monsters, there isn't a specific set that ensures you a good defense against all. It can be a good option that you equip an elemental resistant helmet and armor. It is also recommended that you equip a shield like the Crest of Almire or the Grey Owlite Shield. Your weapons should deal elemental damage and shadow damage. Don't forget to have a status resistance against fire and freeze.

The Monsters of Grinchlin Assault!

Promo Propaganda. Items and weapons from Winterfest.
Grinchlin Assault on the Mission Interface.





You can see the strategies on each of the monsters of their own personal pages.


If a Darkfang Mender revives a Grinchlin Thwacker or a Grinchlin Scorcher, they will turn into a regular Darkfang Thwacker or a Darkfang Scorcher respectively.

Mount Krampus refers to Krampus, who punishes bad children at Christmas. Mount Krampus probably also alludes to Mount Crumpit from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The Grinchlins and the Humbug Hat reward also allude to that work.

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