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Monsters are the terrible creatures that can be found within the ever-changing halls of the Clockworks. Varying greatly in strength and intelligence, monsters are the primary obstacle keeping the Spiral Knights from the secrets and treasures of the world beneath Cradle.

For ease of reference, monsters are broken up into several families. This grouping typically indicates similar appearances and types of attack, as well as general weaknesses they may have to particular items or damage types.


Beast Family

The Beast Family consists of all the creatures within the Clockworks that growl, yelp, bark, and roar. Everything from the pesky Wolvers to the sneaky Chromalisks belong to this vicious family.

Beasts resist elemental damage and are weak to piercing damage.

Construct Family

The Construct Family consists of a variety of machines and automatons found throughout the Clockworks. Many Constructs are of Gremlin design, built to protect the Clockworks from intruders or to help the Gremlins wreak havoc. Other constructs of unknown origin can be found throughout the Clockworks, although almost all are hostile and determined to defend the Clockworks at any cost.

All Constructs are immune to the Sleep status.

Constructs resist piercing damage and are weak to elemental damage.

Fiend Family

The Fiend Family consists of the working class fiends and other evil creatures that roam the clockworks. Interestingly, this is the only family that cannot be found in the Unknown Passage.

Fiends resist shadow damage and are weak to piercing damage.

Gremlin Family

The Gremlin Family is a race of small, mischievous humanoids that are fascinated with machinery and endlessly tinker away at anything they can find. The gremlins were brought to the Clockworks by an unknown means and serve as its builders and repairmen. However, their efforts are often marred by their own tendency to break whatever it is they're attempting to fix, or in many cases, blow it up completely (they're fond of explosives). It is believed that gremlins take their orders from the Crimson Order and King Tinkinzar, or perhaps even from the Core itself.

Gremlins resist elemental damage and are weak to shadow damage.

Slime Family

The Slime Family consists of all the gooey, icky, and gelatinous creatures of The Clockworks. They generally lack a true form and can often take any number of shapes. They're not to be taken lightly, however. While some of them may exhibit no more intelligence than is required to eat and divide, others are quite smart, even capable of ruling small portions of the labyrinth. The mightiest slime tyrants command huge armies that they rule with an iron fist-shaped appendage.

Slimes resist piercing damage and are weak to shadow damage.

Undead Family

The Undead Family consists of ghosts and skeletons which haunt the Clockworks (although no one seems sure exactly what creatures these ghosts and skeletons came from!). These undead creatures seem to haunt only particular areas, hinting of a tragic past. Skeletons possess the ability to hide within the ground, digging their way out to attack the unwary, while ghosts like to surprise their victims from behind.

All undead, with the exception of the Howlitzer, are immune to curse.

Undead resist shadow damage and are weak to elemental damage.


These monsters do not belong to any specific monster family and may be neutral to all damage types or have unique resistances and weaknesses.
All monsters in this group take no additional damage from monster-specific Damage Bonus UVs.


Drones were introduced with release 2011-12-19.


  • Wheel Launcher (while Wheel Launchers posses the same weakness and resistance as constructs, they are not classified as such)
  • Soul
  • The Swarm
  • Lord Vanaduke
    • Lord Vanaduke is marked as a Fiend by auto-target, but is not actually a Fiend.
  • Darkfire Vanaduke
    • Darkfire Vanaduke is marked as a Fiend by auto-target, but is not actually a Fiend.

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