Aeternus Imortalitas (Guild)

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Aeternus Imortalitas
GuildLogo-Aeternus Imortalitas.png

Extreme Happiness; Everlasting

Guild Founder: Artistbma
Approx. Population: 21
Guild Master(s):
  • Blazekill-Xt
  • Raymondontono
Guild Officer(s):
  • Loplipop
  • Megaorder (A.K.A. Gianor)
  • Raymondontono


About Us

Aeternus Imortalitas, Forever in Happiness, is a guild with friendly, active, mature, and fun players. We are all tiers, so all you knights looking for a cool guild, sign up! We're not necessarily hardcore (Sorry, we don't do Shadow Lairs twice a day, people). Anyways, enjoy your stay and (hopefully) have fun!

Guild Roster

To Join

If you would like to join Aeternus Imortalitas, first we ask that you contact a GM or Officer. They will interview you and figure out what you are like. Once the interview is done, you will be invited. To be acceptable for an interview you must be at least 13 years old and have decent grammar however we will make exceptions to these regulations. (Please note that we accept all ranks so come on down and join!)

Check out our website!

Have Fun

We want all our members to have a fun experience in Aeternus Imortalitas. If you have any problems, report them to a GM or Officer. They will take it into account and decide a solution.

Rules and Punishments

Ground Rules

These rules are rules the entire guild must abide, no matter what rank:

  • No excessive profanity: This includes speaking sexually, posting harmful links, and/or arousing others (loosely enforced). Not following this rule will result in warning or demotion.
  • Stay active: 2 weeks or more of inactivity without telling an Officer/GM ahead of time will result in demotion or removal from the guild.
  • Keep our good name: Don't insult other guilds while out adventuring or chatting, this makes the guild look bad.
  • Don't beg: This goes without saying, it's just annoying and noobish. Not following this rule will result in warning or demotion if excessive.
  • Don't ask for promotions: You'll earn it in time. Not following this rule will result in warning or demotion.
  • Stay friendly to guild-mates: Light play and teasing are allowed, but don't cross any boundaries.
  • Tax: At the moment we are going to have a mandatory tax. All members of the guild must pay a weekly tax of 5,000 Crowns (Cr). This is only temporary. If you need help acquiring the funds to pay the tax we will be happy to assist you in farming for Cr. Tax is added to rent and due the same day as rent (see below)

Renting Rules

The rules in this section must be followed if you are renting a room within the walls of the Guild Hall no matter the rank:

  • Pay your rent: If you have a room, pay the rent please. It goes without saying that if we don't have enough money we're going to have to get rid of some cool stuff, so pay up. Rent is 5,000 crowns and is due every week on Saturday. If you have multiple room add 5,000 for each room to your total rent (IE: Have 3 rooms well then you better pay 15,000 crs.). See Rule 4 of this section for punishment
  • Buy your furniture with your money: If we have extra beds or plants we aren't using, then by all means use them, but if you want to make your floor different or want a really fancy lamp then you better have enough money to buy it for again no money no cool things. When you buy your item just deposit the money into the treasury. See Rule 4 of this section for punishment
  • Clean your trash: If you decide to leave the guild we will hold nothing against you as long as you clear out your room or tell an Officer if you can't. If you are leaving but planning on coming back please tell us so we don't accidentally clean out your room, or if you can't tell us put on your door: (ON LEAVE). Not doing so will just annoy the crap out of everyone.
  • Not paying up: Not paying rent or for the furniture is a serious offence doing so will result in a demotion every week it is not payed until you are expelled from the guild. The Rent will also add up indefinitely each week even after you are expelled from the guild until it is payed off.

Member+ Rules

  • Don't hoard items in storage: Use your best judgment on what is excessive; take only what you need (feeding your pet isn't "needed"). Not following this rule will result in warning or demotion.
  • Ask for higher materials from those with a higher rank: 4 and 5 star materials are kept in veteran and officer storage, respectively. You will need to ask a(n) veteran/officer for those materials if needed.

Veteran+ Rules

  • Energy well has a fee: In order to withdraw 100 Energy from the well, deposit 6,000 crowns into the treasury first (wells located in veteran and guild master rooms). Not following this rule will result in warning or demotion.
  • Ask for higher materials from those with a higher rank: 5 star materials are kept in officer storage. You will need to ask an officer for those materials if needed.

Officer+ Rules

  • Do not abuse your power: Only demote/kick members of the guild if they have broken the rules above.
  • Recruit properly: Invite them to the guild first, then ask questions once they have joined. If they qualify, they can stay in the guild.
  • Do not make any big decisions: If someone is causing a problem you can not handle, contact a GM and tell them the problem, so that they can help you sort it out.
  • 5* material withdrawal fee: The withdrawal fee for 5* materials within the officer storage is 1,000 crowns, all Coliseum materials are 2,250 crowns, and all Shadow Lair materials are 3,500 crowns. This gets deposited into the treasury. Not following this rule will result in warning or demotion.

Guild Master Rules

If you achieve this rank, ask an existing guild master for special rules that pertain to guild masters.


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