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NPC: Trojan
Primary Location(s):
  • Increased damage resistance to frontal attacks
  • Two-hit sword Combo Attack normal icon.png Attack shadow icon.png
  • Sword Slam Attack normal icon.png Attack shadow icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Revive + Energy Blast (beginning of Phase 2, 3) Attack normal icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Shadow Orbs (Phase 2, 3; passive) Attack shadow icon.png
  • Shadow Spikes (Phase 3; Sword Slam) Attack shadow icon.png
  • Weak to: none
  • Resistant to: none
  • None

Arkus is an NPC.


Guardian Knight Arkus was one of the finest warriors serving the Spiral Knights until some time shortly after the crash and one of the first to search for the Alpha Squad. When he is encountered during the 9-1 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: The Silent Legion, he has transformed into something very similar to a Trojan.


Arkus was a well known, respected and highly ranked Guardian Knight in the Spiral Order. When the Skylark crashed, he was assigned to one of the several squads to look for the missing Alpha Squad. However, his squad perished in a fierce battle at the hands of a gang of Dust Zombies. Feeling incredibly guilt of their deaths and for not living up to the Guardian's Oath to protect his squad, he decided to wander the Clockworks alone, so no other knights would have to suffer under his protection.

He disappears around Depth 26 and you are dispatched to find him. You arrive in a sanctuary, where you locate a recon module left by Arkus; he states that he is drawn to the sanctuary, and continues by saying that the loss of his Squad haunts him in his sleep and every waking thought, evidently tormented by his guilt. When he is first encountered face-to-face, he refuses to return to Haven and renounces his role in the Spiral Order. When encountered at the end of the level he shows clear signs of increasingly losing his sanity; the screams he had heard have turned into whispers and he mourns over the fact that everyone has left him. He then notes that all those close to him have perished and tells you and your party that you are about to suffer the same fate, engaging you in battle.


Arkus, a fallen ex-knight of the Spiral Order. Despite the fact that he seems to have transformed into a Trojan, he retains the attack style of a Spiral Knight. A few aspects of him differ from a regular T3 Trojan:

  • Extraordinary weapon reach - this Trojan's attacks seem to be able to reach twice as far as any other's.
  • No immunity to frontal damage - all frontal damage is substantially reduced rather than negated entirely.
  • Wider array of possible attacks - a normal Trojan has only three attacks available. This one has five.
  • No abrupt dashing - Arkus is not capable of dashing, unlike other trojans. He is also incapable of buffing his attack power.
  • When he is defeated, he "revives" like a regular Spiral Knight; however he can only do this twice, resulting in the fight taking place in 3 phases. Each time he revives, the crystal on his black glows more fiercely, two more Shadow Orbs encircle him and fiend family monsters appear to aid him (some Beryl Greavers and a Silkwing).


This character was introduced with release 2012-03-07.

Arkus resembles a Spiral Warden. Some key differences include his armor and Leviathan Blade which are both a combination of black, magenta and grey, and instead of a Guardian banner he has a magenta crystal embedded into his back, like the ones found on regular Trojans.

The circumstances regarding Arkus' (at least partial) transformation into a Trojan are unknown, and the subject isn't touched upon. However, his transformation gives evidence that at least some Trojans are corrupted Spiral Knights.

Unlike a regular Trojan, Arkus can be damaged from all angles. However, all damage taken from the front is significantly reduced.

As Arkus can only be fought in one level and the map is unique to the mission he appears in, he could arguably be considered a boss.

He is the first and currently only named Spiral Knight in the game to die on-screen.



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