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A warden guarding Haven.

The Spiral Warden is a type of NPC.


Most NPCs of this type are tall knights wearing thick, dark blue Guardian-like armor with a banner displaying the insignia of Spiral Knights, and a special Warden Helm with a white mohawk. Others wear gear similar to Azure Guardian. All carry a shield and a sword similar to the Leviathan Blade, befitting their role as guardians.


Spiral Wardens are stationed near the entrance of every town on friendly terms with Spiral HQ. As part of their role as gatekeepers, two wardens are always stationed in the Hall of Heroes with Barrus.

Trojans and the more equine Spiral Wardens have a similar appearance. Events that transpire during the 9-1 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: The Silent Legion with Arkus indicate that some trojans could be the result of knights who descended into a dark, unreasoning mental state. Other trojans seem to reside in other worlds until summoned to the Clockworks.

Subtown Gatekeepers

Tier access Force Field comparison.

Upon reaching a subtown, the player will encounter a Spiral Warden standing next to a force field. In order to further explore the area, the player must have star certification from Barrus.

If the player has not been granted access to that Tier, the barrier will be pink and prevent progress. If the player is certified, the barrier is blue and the player can pass through it freely.


This type of NPC has been in the game since release 2011-04-04 when the game officially launched.

While the Spiral Warden has always carried the same large sword, they all formerly wore the same gear and were not as tall.[1] The appearance of several wardens was updated to the more equine form with release ???.

Spiral Wardens were once responsible for granting tier clearance to the player, depending on a number of different requirements based on experience. This progression mechanic is now managed by Barrus.


The following list is by date of release when in default. "Type" is colloquial. Only significant wardens (characters with specialized dialogue) are listed here. As with other types of NPCs, there are several miscellaneous wardens the player may encounter, most of which are located in the Hall of Heroes.

Name Visual Type Role Location Notes
Nameless Spiral Warden (Moorcroft Manor)-Mugshot.png Equine Guardian Moorcroft Manor Introduced with release 2011-04-04.

A warden guarding the entrance to Moorcroft Manor.
Nameless Spiral Warden (Emberlight)-Mugshot.png Equine Guardian Emberlight Introduced with release release 2011-04-04.

A warden guarding the entrance to Emberlight.
Nameless Spiral Warden (D23 Clockwork Terminal)-Mugshot.png Azure Informant Clockwork Terminal (Depth 23) Introduced with release 2011-10-19.

Provides information about Shadow Lairs.
Nameless Spiral Warden (Hall of Heroes)-Mugshot.png Equine Guardian Hall of Heroes A warden stationed within the Hall of Heroes. Players can enter the building from the Haven Garrison, but will be unable to pass this warden until they reach rank 4-1.
Virgil Virgil-Mugshot.png Equine Informant Rescue Camp Introduced with release 2012-05-09.

Expresses concern about crossing the chasm and powering the rescue camp.
Nameless Spiral Warden (Winged)-Mugshot.png Azure Combat Ally Crash Site
Rescue Camp
Introduced with release 2013-12-11.
Guardian Knight Guardian Knight-Mugshot.png Equine Guardian 1-4 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: Crossing the Chasm A warden guarding the entrance to the Town Square.

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