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NPC: Knight
  • Accessorizor
Primary Location(s):

Bechamel is an NPC.


This character has items most similar to:

Icon-usable.png Closed eyes, Lake personal color

Icon-helmet.png Somewhat similar to a Spiral Round Helm, with a Divine Ribbon, Glasses, and a prismatic Flower.

Icon-armor.png Similar to a Spiral Brigandine with a Twinkle Aura and a prismatic Canteen attached to it.

Icon-shield.png None.

Icon-sword.png Bechamel wields Scissor Blades.


This character has been in the game since ???.

Bechamel is the accessorizor who installs and removes accessories and gives tours of the Bazaar in certain missions. He can be found in the far west side of the Haven Bazaar, right above where Kozma and Brinks are located.

In the box near Bechamel's feet is a Love Puppy Monster Pocket. It occasionally barks.

Bechamel is the only Vendor to wear purple-themed gear, much like the gear seen on Game Masters.

This character can also be found in Bechamel's Makeover Studio, which is a room that can be installed in Guild Halls.

This NPC's name alludes to a sauce, also known as white sauce.



Removal Tickets

Removal is free, but this destroys the accessory:

Ticket-Remove Helm Top Accessory icon.png Remove Helm Top Accessory
Ticket-Remove Helm Front Accessory icon.png Remove Helm Front Accessory
Ticket-Remove Helm Back Accessory icon.png Remove Helm Back Accessory
Ticket-Remove Helm Side Accessory icon.png Remove Helm Side Accessory
Ticket-Remove Armor Front Accessory icon.png Remove Armor Front Accessory
Ticket-Remove Armor Back Accessory icon.png Remove Armor Back Accessory
Ticket-Remove Armor Rear Accessory icon.png Remove Armor Rear Accessory
Ticket-Remove Armor Aura Accessory icon.png Remove Armor Aura Accessory

Recovery Tickets

The following are available in the Supply Depot. Interacting with Bechamel's removal menu will bring up a purchase option as of release 2014-04-16.

Recovery has an expense, but this preserves the accessory so that it can be attached again or sold:

Name Price (Energy)
Ticket-Recover Helm Top Accessory icon.png Recover Helm Top Accessory 5,000
Ticket-Recover Helm Front Accessory icon.png Recover Helm Front Accessory 3,500
Ticket-Recover Helm Back Accessory icon.png Recover Helm Back Accessory 3,500
Ticket-Recover Helm Side Accessory icon.png Recover Helm Side Accessory 3,500
Ticket-Recover Armor Front Accessory icon.png Recover Armor Front Accessory 5,000
Ticket-Recover Armor Back Accessory icon.png Recover Armor Back Accessory 8,000
Ticket-Recover Armor Rear Accessory icon.png Recover Armor Rear Accessory 8,000
36px Recover Armor Ankle Accessory 8,000
Ticket-Recover Armor Aura Accessory icon.png Recover Armor Aura Accessory 10,000


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