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A Lockbox is a type of usable. All available types of these boxes are "locked," requiring a Key to be opened, unlike a Prize Box. Many of these boxes share potential prizes with other lockboxes. Possible prizes are usually accessories.


"Prize Wheel" lockboxes have an increased chance of being obtained from the end-of-level prize wheel for a time after the player opens one. This applies for all types of lockboxes in the prize wheel.

The Mirrored Lockbox is the only lockbox that was also part of a promotion and therefore able to be directly purchased. Its prize pool features usables. All other lockboxes originate randomly from prize wheels.

The topic of this article or section is subject to personal opinion, and does not represent any one absolute truth. If you disagree, discuss your concerns on the the talk page before editing.: It is likely that the availability of the Iron Lockbox has been phased out of the game by the monthly lockboxes, considering that the Iron Lockbox does not have a slot in the monthly rotation and most of its possible prizes are spread across the pools of the other six. On the other hand, Iron Lockboxes have been obtained from the prize wheel during the few moments that span the transition between one month's box and the next. It certainly remains in the game as an item - numerous Iron Lockboxes remain unbound in player inventories.


The Mirrored Lockbox is always in the pool of the prize wheel as a very rare prize, along with one of six other lockboxes. This other lockbox is part of a six month cycle. It is replaced on the first of each successive month by the next lockbox. Over a year, each of these six is seen for a total of two months.


Name Acquisition Possible Prizes Notes
Usable-Iron Lockbox icon.png
Iron Lockbox
Initial release:
4 October 2011
Usable-Mirrored Lockbox icon.png
Mirrored Lockbox
Prize Wheel (all months)
Initial release:
18 April 2012
Usable-Titanium Lockbox icon.png
Titanium Lockbox
Prize Wheel (Jan, Jul)
Initial release:
1 July 2014
Usable-Silver Lockbox icon.png
Silver Lockbox
Prize Wheel (Feb, Aug)
Initial release:
1 August 2014
Usable-Steel Lockbox icon.png
Steel Lockbox
Prize Wheel (Mar, Sep)
Initial release:
1 September 2014
Usable-Platinum Lockbox icon.png
Platinum Lockbox
Prize Wheel (Apr, Oct)
Initial release:
1 October 2014
Usable-Copper Lockbox icon.png
Copper Lockbox
Prize Wheel (May, Nov)
Initial release:
1 November 2014
Usable-Gold Lockbox icon.png
Gold Lockbox
Prize Wheel (Jun, Dec)
Initial release:
1 December 2014
Usable-Slime Lockbox icon.png
Slime Lockbox
Golden Prize Wheel
Initial release:
30 June 2016

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