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This loadout guide is for Compound. It is one of many guides made by players. As such, contents of this page are opinionated.


Traversing the Compounds will require specific gear and weapons depending on the stratums' themes and settings, for it is essential to survive the small monsters that prove little threats alone, yet pack pig punches when together. As Knights venture near the end, more Compound monsters will randomly spawn for a couple minutes, so it's urgent to deal with the major monsters while avoiding them as fast as they can.

Icon-helmet.png Suggested Helmet(s):

  •  ???

Icon-armor.png Suggested Armor:

  •  ???

Icon-shield.png Suggested Shield(s):

  •  ???

Icon-sword.png Suggested Weapon(s):

  •  ???

Icon-trinket.png Suggested Trinket(s):

  •  ???

Icon-battle sprite.png Suggested Battle Sprite(s):

  •  ???

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