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This page contains a lot of useful links where you can learn more about the game and how to play it!

Lots of information you may seek may be available here on the wiki. You can search for it using the search bar on the left. Another useful tool for looking up information is Google. You can find information across various Spiral Knights sites by searching for "spiral knights sword guide" if you're looking for a sword guide, for example. To limit your search to a single site, you can write site:url in your search. The previous example could be turned into sword guide. For more tips on how to efficiently search the net with Google, see this article on search operators.

If you're new to the game, make sure to read Starting out, the New Player Briefing, and the in-game tutorial missions presented to you!

There is a hefty FAQ available for perusal as well as the sources below:

Gameplay and Strategy

Reviews of current gates - should you play them?


  • The Arsenal, a subforum for the discussion of armor and weaponry.



Economics of Spiral Knights

Supply Depot

  • Supply Depot Sale - List of known sales (flash and otherwise) on the Spiral Knights wiki.
  • Flash Sales - check the forums for official announcements like this. Also look for user-made logs, as logs are constantly updated during an active sale. These logs are usually in the "General Discussion" section of the forums while active, and are moved to the graveyard after the sale is over.

Player versus Player (PvP)


Blast Network



Staff and Players

  • Forum activities hosted by staff often include artistic competitions such as pumkin carving and video making. Prizes are typically in-game items related to the competition.


  • Sign up for the Newsletter on the main page to receive emails about Spiral Knights. Pay attention to the News Blog! on the main page as well.
  • Notes:
    • Sometimes the game is "stealth patched" - not all changes are mentioned in Patch Notes or on the forums. You'll depend on player anecdotes and wiki notes for knowledge about this sort of change.
    • Sometimes posts "tease" players - the patch notes will seem very small, but the changes will be very large! Example: this post immediately preceded the second March of the Tortodrones.
    • Major updates typically happen on Wednesdays.

Official Stuff


Terms of Service

Play SK

Tutorials & Guides
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