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We have endeavored to give a new and improved UI for Spiral Knights. The game window consists of a few different parts and taken up by the world view. Here you can see your knight walking around in Haven - use your left mouse button, the WASD keys, or the arrow keys to move. Alternatively you can set your movements and actions by hitting ESC and going to controls. While in Haven, a player's rank will be shown with their name above their heads. Player names will show white, green if a guildmate and blue if a friend. This color scheme is also used on the mini map.

Game Interface while in Haven

Top left

Character portrait, general view
Character portrait, menu open

The top left corner of the screen includes:

  • A visible character portrait - serves as a shortcut to the Social menu to easily use the party, friends and guild options.
  • Health bar - health pips change from red to silver and finally gold as more health is accrued. Additionally, a percentage health display is present.
  • Shield power meter.

Bottom left

The menu widget

The bottom left corner of the screen includes:

  • Icon-settings.png The main menu.
  • Icon-help.png The help menu (F1: support, controls, energy, clockworks, monsters)
  • Icon-social.png The social menu (F6)
  • Icon-event hub.png The event hub (F7)
  • Icon-mail.png The uplink menu
  • The bottom left corner of the screen, above the menus, displays your chat. Type ENTER or / to initiate chat. Type R to reply to a private message.

Top right

Minimap and Activities menu

The top right corner of the screen includes:

  • Minimap - featuring enemy locations, NPCs, instance selections and zoom.
    • While in the Clockworks, you can click Icon-HUD lock.png in the top right or use the Q key to lock and unlock your HUD (heads-up display). This will prevent you from accidentally clicking open your character or arsenal while in the heat of battle.
  • Activities panel - contains all the various activities that you can perform in a given zone, such as direct access to Ready Room, Guild Hall, mission selections, party finder or the Supply Depot.

Bottom right

Character and energy widget

The bottom right corner includes:

  • Energy widget - when needed, the energy widget will show up above this widget and under the Activities Panel. To view it any time, open your Arsenal.
  • Icon-gear.png Access to your character (P on the keyboard)
  • Icon-loadouts.png Access to your loadouts (L on the keyboard)
  • Icon-forge.png Access to the forge (U on the keyboard)
  • Icon-arsenal.png Access to your Arsenal - (I on the keyboard) this option will also allow you view the crowns and energy that your knight holds.

In the Clockworks

The weapon wheel in use.
  • A weapon selection 'wheel' that allows you to see the name and icon of your weapons
  • Targeting UI that displays information about whatever you are targeting. For monsters this includes health, attack types and weaknesses.
  • Monster and player damage flash effects for better clarity in combat.
  • Vials and Capsule Belt featuring an additional slot for a Vitapod.
  • Current objective notice will show under the minimap.
Game Interface while in the Clockworks

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