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Region: Unique. This level can only be accessed via the Interface-icon-PvE.png Dangerous Mission: Compound 42.
Level: Containment
Depth: Depends on rank

Notable Exploration Entities


Fight through several hazardous areas, defeat waves of Herex's minions, and get to the elevator.

Map-Compound 42-Containment.png Map of Containment.
250x250px Near the arsenal station is a screen cluster containing a secret memo from Herex. The first battle starts with a wave of monsters in a tight space between Bog Wisps in the first part of the path and a wall of blocks through the upper stretch. Up from these blocks are more monsters, and further up are Fire Launchers. Walking up and around the bend to the right will turn the Fire Launchers off, allowing the monsters to be fought without this hazard. A Ghostmane Stalker has a very small chance to spawn along this path.
2250x250px This room consists of two fights and buttons that allow access to a Golden Key. In each fight there are fire traps that can be deactivated by hitting a switch. Deactivating the fire traps should be a priority, as this allows safer room to maneuver and decreases Toxoil ignition. Throwing a pickup before monsters spawn can take care of these issues. After the fights, carefully carry the Golden Key to the left. Two Fire Launchers have turned on and their flames can block the Gold Door.
3250x250px This is a difficult multi-stage fight due to four fire launchers, many fire pits, and clustered monster spawns. A Water Pot must be used three times to douse fire pits and press buttons. Usage of the Seraphynx's 3rd ability to carry water is recommended. Careful use of the Shivermist Buster can greatly aid this skirmish.
4250x250px This large room is somewhat constrained by fire launchers and fire pits. The fire pits can be extinguished with a water pot, which becomes accessible after a switch behind some stone blocks is hit. Charged alchemer shots (such as from the Umbra Driver) can hit this switch before the fight starts, but try not to spend too much time achieving this. The far right fire pits should be left alone, because these block the flames of the fire launchers, allowing the bottom right corner to be free of this hazard.
5250x250px A short skirmish before the final battle takes place in a narrow hallway filled with poison and fire traps. Defeat every slime then press buttons to the left and right to proceed.
6250x250px The sixth and final battle has multiple stages filled with slimes and gremlins of many kinds, including enormous Gremlin Incinerators. There are three adjacent rooms blocked by doors to the left, right, and up. The left and right doors are controlled by switches. It is possible to defeat the Giant Toxoil behind the upper door before it is released because this large monster's hitbox clips through the door. This trick only works with shots that deal no knockback (such as bullets from the Sentenza). Even though pulling this off makes the final wave somewhat easier, it is highly likely considered to be a bug despite being in the game for so long, so it is likely best to not take advantage of it.

After a small first wave, the battle sequence can be controlled by hitting these switches to lower gates. After both sides have been cleared, the upper gate opens and numerous monsters spawn.

After the battle is finished, walk north and press a button to activate a sprinkler system that douses the fire pits blocking the elevator to the Fire Safe Storage level.
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