Dangerous Prize Box

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Dangerous Prize Box
Dangerous Prize Box
General Prize Pool:
Additional Prize Pool:
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The Dangerous Prize Box is a prize box.


Contains various unique items used by Desna's elite Recon Rangers. Items are randomly chosen. No key is required to open. — Tooltip


During a relevant promotion or randomly from a Usable-Surprise Box icon.png Surprise Box. More information in the calendar below.


The Additional Prize Pool probabilities do not dilute the main Prize Pool probabilities.

The contents of this box are directly associated with the Recon Rangers.

Dangerous Prize Box 2016 has only confetti in Additional Prize Pool.

Prize Pool


News Image Dates and Forum Duration Notes
1 News art for this occurrence.
25 September 2013

6 October 2013
12 days The box was acquired from a Supply Depot Sale for ??? energy during the Dangerous Prize Box Promotion September 2013 (a promotion).
2 News art for this occurrence.
30 September 2016

18 October 2016
19 days The box was acquired during the Dangerous Prize Box Promotion September 2016 (a promotion) via purchasing select energy packages using real-world currency.

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