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A Variant Ticket is a type of Ticket.


All Variant tickets have nearly the same description:

Use this ticket at the Variant Forge to reset an item's variants to # random variants.


Tickets can be acquired randomly from certain prize boxes. All items from the Forge Prize Box are acquired bound, but other boxes yield unbound tickets that can be traded between players and sold on the Auction House.

This box is rarely acquired when forging a ★★★☆☆ or higher item:

These boxes are released repeatedly and predictably:

These boxes have only been released once, and are randomly found from Usable-Surprise Box icon.png Surprise Boxes. As such, they are a poor source of tickets:


Exchange a ticket with Punch to either apply or change ("reset") one or more Unique Variants to either a helmet, armor, shield, or weapon.

If the player does not have a ticket, they can use crowns to specify a ticket service instead:


Variant Tickets have been in the game since 20 June 2012, with the first release of the Solstice Prize Box. The ability to put unique variants on gear via Punch has been possible long before tickets were available as arsenal items, and the possibility of Unique Variants appearing randomly on crafted items has been around for even longer.

Due to the appearance of Punch's interface, it may seem that Punch sells tickets, but he only provides a service. The player cannot purchase tickets from Punch to trade to other players or sell on the auction house.

With release 2012-08-08, many Variant Tickets were given away because large changes to shard bombs were implemented.


Ticket-1 Variant Ticket icon.png 1 Variant Ticket
Ticket-2 Variant Ticket icon.png 2 Variant Ticket
Ticket-3 Variant Ticket icon.png 3 Variant Ticket

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