Brigandine (uniform)

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Brigandine (uniform)
Dangerous Brigandine-Equipped.png
Accessory Positions:

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  • This item isn't in a set.

The Brigandine (uniform) is a costume.


Variable per item. See list below.


Prismatic Aspect(s): None. This item is adamant.

It displays the insignia of a dauntless NPC group on the front.


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Abbr. Name Visual Acquisition Notes
Dangerous Brigandine
Equipment-Dangerous Brigandine icon.png
Dangerous Brigandine Usable-Dangerous Prize Box icon.png Dangerous Prize Box Description: Padded armor that seems to emphasize the high mortality rate of the elite Recon Rangers. Recon Rangers need to travel light and fast, often headlong into situations that would terrify other knights.

A modified version of this costume is worn by several Recon Ranger NPCs, led by Desna.

Initial release:
25 September 2013
Hazardous Brigandine
Equipment-Hazardous Brigandine icon.png
Hazardous Brigandine Usable-Hazardous Prize Box icon.png Hazardous Prize Box Description: Padded armor that seems to emphasize the high mortality rate of the elite Scarlet Scouts. Scarlet Scouts need to travel light and fast in order to stay ahead of lesser skilled squads.

This one sheds a red mist and has spikes around the right-hand wrist. Rhendon is a recruiter for the Scarlet Scouts.

Initial release:
29 October 2014

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