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Gate-Heart of Ice.png
Region: Unique. This level can only be accessed via the Interface-icon-PvE.png Dangerous Mission: Heart of Ice.
Level: Amu-Sol
Depth: Depends on rank.

Exclusive to Maulos fight:

Notable Exploration Entities


Fight through several hazardous areas, defeat Maulos, and get to the elevator.

There's a hidden one-man button with unknown functionality in a wall right next to the second party button.

Map-Heart of Ice-Amu-Sol.png Map of Amu-Sol.
250x250px Four Heavy Statues must be found and placed on Pressure Pads. On the left side there will be fiends and on the right will be beasts. It is suggested that everyone stick together and clear one side before venturing into the other. Players will usually clear the beast side first for the chance at obtaining more pills and hearts from easier enemies. The Tundralisks here seem to always drop a pickup. Alternatively, do the fiend side first, then the beast side for a speedier run.

There is a switch hidden in one of four stone blocks. Two of these blocks are hidden in the left of the first room, the third is in front of the party button, and the fourth in a small courtyard with 2 Layoafers far north of the starting area. This switch generates a ghost block, allowing access to two Heart Boxes later.

2250x250px This seems to be a back alley fight. Brawl with several Tundralisks and fiends to push forward. Most of the monsters are trapped in sections but will soon be freed by blast blocks counting down to a ghost block, so charge up a piercing gun, let loose, and repeat as quickly and efficiently as possible. It would be smart for 1-2 players to shield up in front of 1-2 Blitz Needle or Callahan users for this area. Pop the Heart Boxes at the end of this fight and head north.
3250x250px It seems the party has an audience here, reminiscent of a coliseum. These viewers do not participate in fighting. After pressing another party button, get ready to fight 3 waves of Fiends and Beasts. Crystal blocks are useful for blocking Howlizter bullets, so don't break them all. There are respawn pads that will continuously produce Tundralisks in the right-hand corners of the coliseum. Try to ignore them and focus on defeating everything else.
4250x250px Another back alley area, but with more traps than monsters. Golden Winter Wisps and ice traps can hinder progress. Some Layoafers hang out in protected areas, ignore them or gun them down as needed. Pearl Greavers will appear in the area with a ghost block + barrier before the next battle. Take care of the greavers first, then charge up and have someone else hit the ghost block to get rid of the devilites.
5250x250px This battle has orbital chains and ice traps in the middle of a large fight area. Break the ice blocks in every wave and focus on the Silkwings first. After three waves of Beasts and Fiends the door will open. This path leads between several trojan statues to the final fight with Maulos.
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