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Fiend Family
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A Trojan is a type of monster found in the Clockworks.


Trojans are humanoid leviathans with a horse's head equipped with a large powerful sword and an equally large shield which blocks all attacks from the front. The only way to damage a Trojan is to attack the glowing purple crystal (presumably Dark Matter) on their backs. Trojans appear to have started life as valiant soldiers (such as the Legion of Ur) who were corrupted, and it is believed that some Trojans are actually corrupted spiral knights.

Trojans deal mixed shadow and normal damage. They are also immune to Curse status.



Tier 1
Tier 2
Monster-Trojan 2.png
Tier 3
Monster-Trojan 3.png
  • Attack Buff Attack shadow icon.png Icon status shock.png Buff Attack icon.png
  • Charge Attack normal icon.png Attack shadow icon.png
  • Sword Slam Attack normal icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Shield
Location Drops

These massive leviathans are invulnerable from the front. Hit the crystal on their back to bring them to their knees.

Notable Trojans


Tiers 2 & 3

  • Attack Buff Attack normal icon.png Attack shadow icon.png Icon status stun.png Buff Attack icon.png
  • Mace Attack normal icon.png Attack shadow icon.png Icon status stun.png
  • Ice Block Trail Icon status freeze.png
Location Drops

The mini boss of Heart of Ice. A mysterious Frozen Trojan intending to freeze Cradle with Everfrost's power resource. The boss consists of three phases, during every phase Tundralisks will spawn. He uses the 'Heart of Ice' a mace like Lord Vanaduke that will create a trail of breakable ice, causing the Freeze status to anyone who gets in the path of it. His attack buff also knocks back knights and creates blocks of ice. He is supported by a lot of cold monsters.

  • In the first phase he spawns two invincible Perma-Frostifur. When he's dealt enough damage, Maulos will surround himself with a block of ice, will not move and will be very easy to hit.
  • In the second phase he spawns around four Frostifurs and when hit enough will again surround himself with ice. Frozen Souls come to help Maulos in this part of the battle.
  • In the third phase he spawns two to four Layoafers. He is finally defeated when he takes enough damage.

Gold Trojan

Gold Trojan
All Tiers

  • Attack Buff Attack normal icon.png Icon status shock.png
  • Charge Attack normal icon.png
  • Sword Slam Attack normal icon.png Icon status stun.png

This monster's whereabouts are unknown.

  • None (cannot be defeated)

Gold Trojans cannot be killed or damaged, like all other gold monsters. RUN!


Trojans are invulnerable, except for a large crystal on their backs, and will rapidly turn to face their target. When fighting them with a group, whichever player the Trojan is currently tracking (usually the knight who has dealt it the most damage) should keep it facing away from the other players so they can attack. If fighting one solo, it is necessary to bait it into attacking and strike it from behind before it recovers, or use bombs, circling so the Trojan will turn its back to them. A good way to fight trojans while fighting them solo, is to stand far enough away from them to entice them to charge. Sidestep the upcoming charge and stand near enough to the Trojan to make it swing it's sword onto the ground. This should buy you plenty of time to get some hits in.

Trojans attack with speedy charges and stunning overhead sword swings, and also use a focusing move that raises their attack power while shocking and knocking back and damage knights who are too close. Its attacks require some charge-up and can be interrupted (though much force is required), and two well-coordinated players on opposite sides can potentially kill it without letting it attack at all. Trojans can also be tricked into damaging and stunning other monsters. In some cases, the Trojan can lock a stunned knight in place, preventing the player from moving.

Stun and Freeze-inflicting weapons and vials can prove helpful when fighting a Trojan, as it will be unable to move and will be open to attacks in its weak point.

There is a danger of being trapped in a corner by a Trojan, particularly when fighting solo, since most attacks cannot knock them back. A shield bump can push them slightly and allow you to escape, but it's easy to get your shield broken fighting one; some exceptionally heavy attacks, such as a Troika's charge or another Trojan's sword slam, can also push them.

When a Trojan takes enough damage, purple explosions emit from it, turning it into stone. Attacking a Trojan once it has become stone will cause it to shatter, dropping rewards.


  • According to the mission: The Return of Ur (Rank 8-1), Trojans are known as the 'Legion of Ur,' and are said to have once numbered in the thousands, Devilites are trying to summon them into the Clockworks for unknown causes.
  • Due of the similarity, it is probably that most of Trojans are corrupted Spiral Wardens.
  • Arkus is a fallen ex-knight of the Spiral Order that was being transformed into a Trojan. This gives evidence that at least some Trojans are corrupted Spiral Knights.
  • Although rarely, Maulos is the only miniboss who can drop materials when he is defeated.
  • Trojans can be compared to Deadnaughts as their attack patterns are similar and they are only vulnerable to damage from the back.

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