Hunter's Lodge

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GuildHall-Room-Hunter's Lodge icon.png Hunter's Lodge
GuildHall-Room-Hunter's Lodge-Overworld.png

475,000 Crowns


Both 3F Wings
Once unlocked, this room can be installed anywhere there is an Empty Room.

Special Features

The Hunter's Lodge is a room that can be placed in a Guild Hall.


A monster hunting lodge curated by the great hunter, Armero. Contains a guild alchemy machine containing monster trophy recipes. Guild alchemy machines use resources from the Guild Treasury and deposit results into the Guild Treasury.


This room features several of its own decorations. These include an animated fireplace, various mounted Monster heads, and firearms on display. Armero stands next to a non-interactive chair.

The machine in this room allows players to craft various "Trophy Furniture" items for Guild Halls. Bear in mind, the cost of creating these furniture items is very high in both resources and time - go here to read a general guide about Boss Trophy economics.

The Hunter's Lodge was added to the game in release 2012-12-12 — one month after the introduction of enhanced guild halls in release 2012-11-14.

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