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NPC: Stranger
Primary Location(s):

Kragen is an NPC.


A stranger wearing blue and brown clothing with snipes perched on his shoulders and head. His mask is decorated with the image of a shield, indicating the type of item he sells.


This character has been in the game since release 2011-04-04 when the game officially launched.



Wares consist of shields:

  • 0* items for 150 crowns
  • 1* items for 3,000 crowns
  • 2* items for 7,500 crowns
  • 3* items for 35,000 crowns.

0* and 1* items are unlimited in number and never change. Kragen only stocks one of each 2* and 3* item on his list; these items are chosen randomly and reset each day at midnight Pacific time.

Item Crowns
Equipment-Iron Buckler icon.png Iron Buckler 150
Equipment-Proto Shield icon.png Proto Shield 150
Equipment-Circuit Breaker Shield icon.png Circuit Breaker Shield 3,000
Equipment-Emberbreak Shield icon.png Emberbreak Shield 3,000
Equipment-Force Buckler icon.png Force Buckler 3,000
Equipment-Frostbreaker Shield icon.png Frostbreaker Shield 3,000
Equipment-Scale Shield icon.png Scale Shield 3,000
Equipment-Firebreak Shield icon.png Firebreak Shield 7,500
Equipment-Icebreaker Shield icon.png Icebreaker Shield 7,500
Equipment-Jelly Shield icon.png Jelly Shield 7,500
Equipment-Owlite Shield icon.png Owlite Shield 7,500
Equipment-Plate Shield icon.png Plate Shield 7,500
Equipment-Skelly Shield icon.png Skelly Shield 7,500
Equipment-Volt Breaker Shield icon.png Volt Breaker Shield 7,500
Equipment-Blazebreak Shield icon.png Blazebreak Shield 35,000
Equipment-Blizzbreaker Shield icon.png Blizzbreaker Shield 35,000
Equipment-Boosted Plate Shield icon.png Boosted Plate Shield 35,000
Equipment-Brute Jelly Shield icon.png Brute Jelly Shield 35,000
Equipment-Drake Scale Shield icon.png Drake Scale Shield 35,000
Equipment-Horned Owlite Shield icon.png Horned Owlite Shield 35,000
Equipment-Scary Skelly Shield icon.png Scary Skelly Shield 35,000
Equipment-Surge Breaker Shield icon.png Surge Breaker Shield 35,000

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