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Snipes are the graceful, adorable, and fetchingly corpulent birds found throughout Haven.

Perched snipes.
Flying snipe.


Snipes are plump, pastel-coloured avians with orange beaks and a peculiar method of flight. They can be found perched on the shops and vendors in the Bazaar, and spinning through the air in the Town Square. They are a familiar sight in Haven, often bobbing happily along the ground near knights and Strangers alike.

Snipes appear to have a close but unexplained relationship with the Strangers of Haven. Strangers are partial to the bird-like creatures, and snipes are often found perched on or keeping company with Strangers. While no knight has ever found a hint of mercy in those beady black eyes, one Stranger tells that snipes are, among other things, actually incredibly modest beings.

Although snipes that have been nesting in Haven for years are fairly used to the hubbub, many of the snipes recently migrated will flock together, generally seeking out quite spots away from the hustle and bustle of noisy knights.

Snipe Herding

Snipe herding in the Town Square.

Note: After an update, snipes added to Haven follow a pidgeon-like behaviour, flocking away from knights. The following applies only to snipes unaffected by the new mechanic.

Snipe herding is a common pastime for knights low on energy. Snipes follow a few basic movement rules:

  • Snipes will never intentionally move into a wall or knight.
  • If a snipe finds itself on top of a wall or knight, it will move a short distance in whatever direction will take it off of a knight or wall.
  • If a snipe cannot move in a direction without connecting with a knight or wall, it will not move, but it will turn in a different direction.
  • Snipes that are in flight remain in flight. Similarly, snipes that are on the ground remain on the ground.

Using these rules, it is possible for knights to force the snipes into confined spaces.

Locations and numbers

Snipes can be found throughout Haven, in the Town Square, Bazaar, Advanced Training Hall and around the southern entrance. No Snipes are found in the Arcade.

The little area in Wolver Den with Snipes.

Inside the Clockworks, a special scenario room found in Wolver Dens has a group of 3-4 Snipes and 4 stones around an area that grants health.


The Haven symbol on the flagstones at the main (southern) entrance to Haven features a snipe holding what appears to be the intergalactic equivalent of a peace branch in its beak. Note: this decal cannot be seen on a low visual setting.

Currently, the only piece of equipment that includes a Snipe is the Sniped Stranger Hat which is obtainable at random through purchasing the Explorer's Pack.

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