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This page is part of the Lancer Knightz data collection project. Its goal is to quantify the payouts of all missions. These particular data were collected by Vanzanz, Epoxee, Skepticraven, Dzamie, Bopp, and Donkeyhaute.


Before you start a mission, make your decision to measure it. Don't change your mind midway through based on how much treasure you find (or don't). By following this rule, you avoid introducing a certain kind of bias into our results.

For missions that exist on multiple strata (danger missions, Operation Crimson Hammer, etc.), we always measure on Tier 3 / Stratum 6. The tester carries out the entire mission, from mission lobby to mission report. The tester goes down every side path, killing every monster. Slashing plants and lamps to get extra crowns is optional. The tester does not spend any extra energy opening treasure rooms, danger rooms, etc.

After the mission, the tester examines the mission report, and sends this information to Donkeyhaute:

  1. The difficulty: Normal, Advanced, or Elite.
  2. The number of knights in the party. If the number changes over time, then an estimate of the average (1.5, 2.3, etc.) is fine.
  3. The total crowns earned by the tester (not the other party members). This figure appears at the top of the mission report.
  4. The total number of Forge, Grim, and Primal Sparks earned by the tester. These appear at the bottom of the mission report.
  5. Any Orbs of Alchemy (of any star level) or Radiant Fire Crystals found.
  6. The date.
  7. For the King of Ashes, which branch of depth 26 was taken — west or east?

If possible, the tester also records exactly how many green treasure boxes and red treasure boxes he found during the mission. This is not easy to do, especially when playing in a party. If the tester is not certain that his count is exactly right, then he should not submit this information. We would rather have few reliable data than many unreliable data.

Donkeyhaute enters the data into a computer program that outputs the wiki markup for the tables below. Each mission is measured many times, to give a better idea of its payout.


Our results have gotten so long that we now report them on multiple pages:

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