Love Puppy Disguise

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Icon-alert.png This item Expires!
After equipping and/or obtaining (depends on item) and a set amount of time, it will disappear out of your arsenal.

Love Puppy Disguise
Love Puppy Disguise-Equipped.png
Accessory Positions:
  • Love Puppy Disguise isn't in a set.

The Love Puppy Disguise is an expiring costume.


A very convincing costume that makes the wearer look like a love puppy. It's so convincing, your friends just might want a kiss!


Featured Auction House for 150,000 crowns.


This item will expire 30 days after it is equipped.

This item was introduced in November 2011.Admin Post

The Forever Love Puppy Mask costume is an everlasting version of this item that does not expire.

It is reminiscent of the Love Puppy monster.


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