March of the Tortodrones/Ancient Grove

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Gate-Ancient Grove.png
Region: Unique. This level can only be accessed via the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: March of the Tortodrones.
Level: Ancient Grove
Depth: 0

There is no combat here.

Notable Exploration Entities


A place to gear up.

A the Fiendish Memo can be read by interacting with screens in front of the Grim Gate. A member of the party needs to use a Fiendish ID Card in order to access the next floor. To "use" the ID card, simply have one in your arsenal, and interact with the portal in the middle of the Grim Gate. Doing so will remove the chains, consume the ID card, and lock the party, similar to how using a Shadow Key works. The squad can proceed to the next floor once everyone is standing on the pad.

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