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This loadout guide is for the Interface-icon-PvE.png Event Mission: March of the Tortodrones. It is one of many guides made by players. As such, contents of this page are opinionated.


Discovering the Fiends' plot within the Tortodrones' grounds will be a daunting task, but with the proper gear, you'll be dealing with the Fiends and the corrupted Tortodrones with ease.

In general, having Shadow and Shock resistant gear with a high amount of normal damage will suffice. The Tortodrones utilize a variety of attacks that deal different types of damage, but none of them are Shadow.

The Fiends, on the other hand, all deal with normal and Shadow damage, so it's essential to use pierce weapons to deal with them quickly.

Icon-helmet.png Suggested Helmet(s):

Icon-armor.png Suggested Armor:

Icon-shield.png Suggested Shield(s):

Icon-sword.png Suggested Weapon(s):

Icon-trinket.png Suggested Trinket(s):

  •  ???

Icon-battle sprite.png Suggested Battle Sprite(s):

  •  ???

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