Maskeraith (Snarblepup)

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Equipment-Scissor Blades icon.png This item is a Reskin of another item.
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Maskeraith (Snarblepup)
Battle Sprite Maskeraith (Snarblepup) Equipped.png
Sprite Family
T1 T2 T3
Battle Sprite-Maskeraith (Snarblepup)-T1-icon.png Battle Sprite-Maskeraith (Snarblepup)-T2-icon.png Battle Sprite-Maskeraith (Snarblepup)-T3-icon.png
1-14 15-49 50-100
Harness Types
Elite Iron Harness.png
Elite Dark Harness.png
Elite Golden Harness.png
Caustic Quills
Skill-Caustic Quills.png
Shadow Cloak
Skill-Shadow Cloak.png
Hexing Haze
Skill-Hexing Haze.png
Skill-Vengeful Quills.png or Skill-Virulent Quills.png Skill-Deadly Shadow Cloak.png or Skill-Vengeful Shadow Cloak.png Skill-Haunted Haze.png or Skill-Chaotic Haze.png
Food-Shadow Mote.png
Food-Shadow Dust.png
Food-Shadow Stone.png
Food-Shadow Orb.png
Food-Shadow Star.png
Icon-Maskeraith (Snarblepup) Pod.png
Maskeraith (Snarblepup) Pod

The Maskeraith (Snarblepup) is a battle sprite.


The Maskeraith is a battle sprite that embodies the shadows. Its skills focus on subterfuge and deadly toxins. — Tooltip


Its Sprite Pod can be randomly obtained from a Usable-Spritely Prize Box icon.png Spritely Prize Box.



When a sprite levels up, they gain skill points which can be spent on augments for the sprite's abilities.

Sprites eventually obtain all skill points as they level.

Skill-Caustic Quills.png Caustic Quills:

  • Focus: Reduces skill cooldown.
  • Venom: Increases the potency of poison inflicted.
  • Bristle: Increases the number of quills fired and their sticking duration.

Skill-Shadow Cloak.png Shadow Cloak:

  • Focus: Reduces skill cooldown.
  • Dark Veil: Increases the defensive boost of the shadow cloak.
  • Enduring Night: Increases duration of the shadow cloak.

Skill-Hexing Haze.png Hexing Haze:

  • Focus: Reduces skill cooldown.
  • No Mercy: Increases the damage inflicted by hexing haze.
  • Plentiful Pain: Increases the bonus duration of hexing haze as additional targets are acquired.


The Maskeraith (Snarblepup) can choose one "ultimate" for each of its three abilities.

Skill-Caustic Quills.png Caustic Quills can be turned into Skill-Vengeful Quills.png Vengeful Quills or Skill-Virulent Quills.png Virulent Quills at level 90.

Skill-Shadow Cloak.png Shadow Cloak can be turned into Skill-Deadly Shadow Cloak.png Deadly Shadow Cloak or Skill-Vengeful Shadow Cloak.png Vengeful Shadow Cloak at level 95.

Skill-Hexing Haze.png Hexing Haze can be turned into Skill-Chaotic Haze.png Chaotic Haze or Skill-Haunted Haze.png Haunted Haze at level 100.

The ultimate chosen will change the appearance of the sprite. Below is a gallery displaying some of these "Ultimate Appearances".

Ultimates can be reset with a Reset Star.


This reskin was introduced during the Spritely Prize Box Promotion on the 24th of June 2015.

It is reminiscent of the snarbolax. Not only does it have a similar appearance, it also makes growling, snarbolax-like noises when commanded to use an ability.


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Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 with no ultimates chosen.
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Tier 3 with ultimates:

Skill-Virulent Quills.png Virulent Quills:
Longer ears

Skill-Deadly Shadow Cloak.png Deadly Shadow Cloak:
Shorter back spines

Skill-Haunted Haze.png Haunted Haze:
Smoother tail

Tier 3 with ultimates:

Skill-Vengeful Quills.png Vengeful Quills:
Shorter ears

Skill-Vengeful Shadow Cloak.png Vengeful Shadow Cloak:
Longer back spines

Skill-Chaotic Haze.png Chaotic Haze:
Spikier tail

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