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Icon in the machine

The Sprite Food Alchemy Machine is an alchemy station used for crafting specialized materials to feed Battle Sprites.

Opening the alchemy machine brings up a crafting interface. Creating "food" requires two of any unbound materials, a few crowns, and some minerals. The material the player has the most of will automatically be selected for the recipe. This can be changed by selecting a different material from the arsenal.

If the player presses the Esc key on their keyboard after clicking the Transmute button, this will skip the crafting animation. Repeating this allows food to be made quickly.


A machine in The Lab.


The alchemy machine's interface.


Food crafted for a Seraphynx Sprite Family includes:


Food crafted for a Drakon Sprite Family includes:


Food crafted for a Maskeraith Sprite Family includes:


The Sprite Food Alchemy Machine was introduced with release 2013-07-30.

Reskins of a sprite eat the same kind of food as the "original" sprite in that family. For example, the Seraphynx (Black Kat) eats Divine food made from Luminite, just like the Seraphynx.

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