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This loadout guide is for the Interface-icon-PvE.png Expansion Mission: Operation Crimson Hammer. It is one of many guides made by players. As such, contents of this page are opinionated.


It's known that Warmaster Seerus resides in the Grand Arsenal, so it's up to the eligible Knights to storm in his Crimson Order facility, destroy his war machines and stop him. His domain is not without protection and danger, though, as there are many Gremlins and Constructs set to defend the base under Seerus' orders.

So, it is highly essential to stock up on Shadow and damage weapons along with fire, Pierce and Elemental resistant gear in order to survive the Warmaster's fortress itself.

Icon-helmet.png Suggested Helmet(s):

Icon-armor.png Suggested Armor:

Icon-shield.png Suggested Shield(s):

Icon-sword.png Suggested Weapon(s):

Icon-trinket.png Suggested Trinket(s):

Icon-battle sprite.png Suggested Battle Sprite(s):

  • Maskeraith Maskeraith (for dealing double damage attacks using Deadly Shadow Cloak)

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