Reign of Chaos (Guild)

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Reign of Chaos
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All your cake are belong to us.

Guild Founder: Meida
Approx. Population: 91


This page is a work-in-progress!

About Us

We're an all tier-three, all active guild. We used to be Apocalypse, but now we're Reign of Chaos. We do FSC runs. All. The. Time. Sometimes we do them in low level gear, or inappropriate gear just for heat. We do other stuff too, though. FSC isn't everyone's thing, after all. We do Guild Lockdown when it's available, and we were in the number one place on the Guild Leaderboards just before the first reset. Sometimes we have fun contests/giveaways in the guild, like trivia competitions, or raffles. Mostly, we're a (large) group of like-minded end-game players, who enjoy being in a guild full of other capable players.

Guild Master/Officer List

User Page Links will be added as User Pages are created and/or found.


We are currently recruiting! One of the Officers or Guild Masters can test you in FSC to see if you are skilled enough to join us. It also doesn't hurt to be social. The only requirements we have for gear is that you have at least one five-star loadout.

Voice Chat

We have a server up for Mumble, for voice chat. It's far more convenient than the in-game voice chat. To join, the IP is and the Port is 19687. Select the right kind of Mumble for your Operating System here.


Our guild's score right before the first reset of the Lockdown scores.
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