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The Basics

I'm Eldibs. According to my forum profile, I've been playing sice April. I'm a Guild Master in Reign of Chaos, the best guild ever. I prefer to use swords over bombs and guns. I'm the only person I know to have two Static Flashes and two Green Wards. No, I will not tell you how I got them, and yes, I reported it to Three Rings. Oh, and I make an effort to type correctly, and you should too. You have time. That's all I have to say right now. Also, since everyone else seems to be listing theirs, here's my Arsenal (slightly out of date)...



I like to take screenshots of interesting things I see in the game. I'm still trying to get screenshots of a Mewkat and a Sloom. You can view my screenshots here. They are at 2048x1152 (higher than 1080p), so keep that in mind when viewing them on slow connections or computers.

Lynxshade.jpg Screenshot of Eldibs in-game.

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