Release Notes 2017-05-11

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From the Release Notes:

Rise and shine Knights!

Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and take a look at some of the changes and new additions you’ll find in the game:

Starlight Cradle levels can be found in T2 and T3.

  • These levels are part of normal gate rotation, not a new mission set.
  • These levels may contain a drowsy Sloom, the fearsome Sloombargo, and other slimes.
  • You may also stumble across some optional danger rooms that will give you a run for your money.
  • Gates will be cycled after release so that some starlight cradle levels are immediately available.
  • Zee cores will now drop from these levels and can be used in the crafting of some new gear (see below).

Reintroduction of the “sleep” status.

  • This has been reworked.
  • Sleep will render a victim completely unresponsive until woken.
  • Because sleep can be rejuvenating, you may notice a small (and limited) heal upon waking up.
  • If you find yourself asleep and vulnerable, look to a party member to wake you up with “gentle” poke of a bullet or blade.
  • Remedy should wake you from sleep. Think of it as a dose of caffeine.
  • After sleep you will acquire an 'alert' status that protects you from sleep for a few moments.

New Helms and Armor

New Weapons

Knight Statues are now available.

  • If Bechamel is installed in a guild, she will now sell knight statues of knights for energy. When in Haven, Bechamel will not offer to sell statues.
  • Statues are a furniture item depicting your knight wearing what you wore when you purchased it.
  • There are multiple sizes of statues to purchase.
  • Warning: Review all parts of the statute carefully in the preview window. There are no refunds for mistaken wardrobe choices or refunds if a particular accessory or aura does not display correctly.
  • A guild may only have 8 statues placed in their hall at any given time.
  • You may need to ‘publish’ your guild hall to get the new option from Bechamel.

Additional Changes:

  • Guild officers and above can sell materials in their treasury to birdsong for half the normal price. This should help guilds clear unwanted items from their inventory.
  • In Lockdown, the Guardian’s shield now has more health.
  • A few changes to the chat filter to remove ‘Gay’ and ‘muff’. Be aware that it is still against the Terms of Service to use any of these words in a derogatory fashion and we will take action accordingly.
  • Fixed some issues with placing furniture near the entrance of a guild hall.
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