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Status: Sleep
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Sleep is a rare status condition that will render the target completely unresponsive until woken. While asleep, the target will slowly regenerate small amounts of HP and rendered temporarily immune to all forms of knockback, including Shield bumps.

Techniques with Sleep

Sleep is useful for completely immobilizing tricky enemies which won't stay still for very long, or are in the habit of dodging attacks frequently. One such example are Darkfang Menders, as they will not heal enemies or run away whilst asleep.

Themed Enemies

Sleep is a reintroduced stratum theme, along with it's revival, the following monsters were brought back into the game. This monster are immune and can inflict the sleep status:

The following monsters are only immune to sleep:

Inflicting and Receiving Sleep

Knights can inflict sleep on monsters by using Sleep vials and bombs from the Slumber Smogger line. Slooms and Sloombargos, members of the lichen family, can inflict sleep on knights.

Resisting Sleep

The following armor sets grant knights resistance to the sleep status:

The following shields will protect against certain sleep attacks:

The following trinkets will carry knights through the sleeping spells in the Clockworks:

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