Sanctuary Alchemy Machine

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The Sanctuary Alchemy Machine

The Sanctuary Alchemy Machine is an alchemy station used for crafting items associated with Shadow Lairs. Players do not need to obtain and learn recipes for these items.



Crafting via the machine requires the materials and precursor for each item and the transmuting costs follow the standard pricing:

  • ★★★★★: 5,000 crowns
Item Star
Equipment-Almirian Crusader Helm icon.png Almirian Crusader Helm ★★★★★
Equipment-Almirian Crusader Armor icon.png Almirian Crusader Armor ★★★★★
Equipment-Arcane Salamander Mask icon.png Arcane Salamander Mask ★★★★★
Equipment-Arcane Salamander Suit icon.png Arcane Salamander Suit ★★★★★
Equipment-Heavenly Iron Helm icon.png Heavenly Iron Helm ★★★★★
Equipment-Heavenly Iron Armor icon.png Heavenly Iron Armor ★★★★★
Equipment-Ice Queen Crown icon.png Ice Queen Crown ★★★★★
Equipment-Ice Queen Mail icon.png Ice Queen Mail ★★★★★
Equipment-Mercurial Demo Helm icon.png Mercurial Demo Helm ★★★★★
Equipment-Mercurial Demo Suit icon.png Mercurial Demo Suit ★★★★★
Equipment-Snarbolax Cap icon.png Snarbolax Cap ★★★★★
Equipment-Snarbolax Coat icon.png Snarbolax Coat ★★★★★

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